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Digital Marketing Strategies to Unlock the Power of Your Brand 

The Market Vibe is a modern marketing agency dedicated to providing custom-tailored marketing for client-based brands looking to consistently grow in today's competitive business landscape. 

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Marketing is something most brands put on the back burner. Most coaches, trainers, agents, and designers don't think about putting time into their marketing and social media. This usually results in half-baked Instagram pages that are all over the place and haven't had a recent post in months. Sound familiar?


Stand Out From Your Competition With An Innovative Marketing Strategy

In the current business market, the competition is fierce (and getting fiercer by the day)! By having a unique brand and innovative marketing strategy, you will start to stand out from your competition. Devoting time to building a commanding online presence is essential for not only landing consistent leads and sales, but it's also a great business tactic that shouldn't be ignored. If 2020 taught us anything, it's that having an online presence is essential with most people doing their research online before they book any services from lashes to life coaching. They want to see who they're working with and if you match your real life self.


Services We Offer

Social Media  

Social Media is one of the best ways to build your audience organically. We will create a customized, targeted social media strategy to build brand awareness and community growth. We specialize in social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and many more!


Your unique brand image is what is going to capture your ideal client's eye. Create a powerful brand with our branding design. We will work closely with you to bring your brand to life or refresh it with captivating brand visuals. 

Website Design

Anchor your business with a custom website! Websites are still relevant in the legitimacy of your business. Create a custom website that speaks directly to your ideal customer or give it a refresh with a modern look. 

Podcast Production

Podcasts are still one of the fastest forms of media in the industry. Podcast production requires careful planning, creativity, technical expertise, and attention to detail to create compelling content that resonates with your target audience. With guidance and a plan, you can get your message out to your audience.

Email/SMS Text

The biggest issue people forget is once they build an audience, you have to consistently nurture said audience. We offer specialized email and sms text strategy to build your community and rapport with your ideal client on a weekly basis. 


If you're a solopreneur or small business and you need the systems for social media and marketing that lead to sales, we offer consulting services to teach you how to lead a potential ideal client from the first meeting to become a paying customer.

Work With Us

"It was amazing working with Jill and Michael! When I started working with them I had no idea how to use social media for real estate, let alone my business. They helped me create a brand, a plan for my social media, and taught me how to do all the bells and whistles that come with social media. Not only did I start receiving so many compliments on my Facebook and Instagram, I had a ton of people reaching out asking if I could sell their home. They were extremely patient, so fun to work with, and really cared about my brand and how I liked everything. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to understand social media and need help with their marketing in real estate! I'm so grateful to them!"

Robin Mellott
Robbin Mellott Real Estate

“Michael and Jill really helped me create a solid foundation for my social media. I didn't really have a system or a posting schedule before then and they helped me define that whole process. This helped me springboard all of my social media for when I opened my own brokerage. With their help, I started attracting more leads in the area and felt secure in the marketing plan I had. They also really taught me how to speak on camera and get comfortable filming myself more. Because they did this, I have people signing with me because they feel like they know me from my videos. My Pinterest has also reached up to 360k monthly views and it's because of the foundation they helped me create! They're professionals at everything they do and they care so much about the people they work with!

April Noessel
Gold Group Realty

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Hi! We're Michael & Jill!

Created by Michael and Jill and a talented team of creators, The Market Vibe is a bespoke digital marketing agency focused on bringing brands in the real estate industry to the forefront in the online space. With over 12 years of marketing and sales experience, Michael and Jill opened The Market Vibe with the intention to aid brands in conveying their unique brand voice and bringing their mission to the business world. 

With knowledge spanning from social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to Email and SMS Marketing, their goal is to help brands create a commanding online presence of targeted traffic to increase the brand’s leads, lists, and sales.

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