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Providing exceptional, custom-tailored digital marketing services to brands exclusively looking to elevate to a new level of luxury.

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What We're About

Blissfully located in sunny California; we are Michael and Jillian Leonard, the founders of The Market Vibe, your friendly (and always professional) social media powerhouse team that is devoted to growing your brand exponentially. We help build influential businesses through a mix of market analytics, common human behavior, successful SEO and relationship marketing strategies.

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A Unique Luxury Agency
Established in California

Our key purpose is to genuinely understand and showcase your brand and company mission to the world. To authentically be able to do this, The Market Vibe is selective with whom we work with. Our clients become part of our close-knit marketing family and we always take care of our family! It is our mission to captivate your audience and then further nurture connections, so our clients gain lifetime supporters, customers and allies. Watch your community grow!

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Ready to Elevate Your Brand?

Our intention is to ensure your brand style speaks your mission to your audience and outshines competitors. We take your product concept, brand idea, and marketing/social media goals to the next level and beyond by working closely with you to develop a creative, customized strategy to position your brand as a luxury staple within the fashion and beauty industries.

We are here for you every step of the way! The Market Vibe is committed to your brand from first concept all the way to cultivating client relationships.  Our custom-tailored and proven track record of success will extend the lifetime longevity of your brand and further strengthen your distinctive place within a sea of products and services. It is time to effectively and authentically share your brand’s purpose and mission!

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Services we can help you with to elevate your brand to higher levels:

Social Media Strategy

Be confident that your social media accounts are in very skilled hands. Our talented team will create customized, appealing and memorable social media strategies as well as distinct action plans for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok to drive excitement, awareness and community growth to your brand.

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Marketing Strategy

Whether you have a launch coming up, need help with email marketing, or are even brave enough to venture into text SMS marketing, we're here to help. An effective marketing strategy is a perception, and a culmination of every experience people have with your product or service. Your unique brand style and mission will be translated effectively and cohesively across all methods to inspire, engage and educate potential customers. We will work with you to bring this vision to life.

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Website Design & SEO

Grow your business smartly, be a shining light alongside competitors, get FOUND online and watch your conversions increase. We provide you with the best website design & SEO keyword strategies specifically based on your niche, products, services and ideal clients. 

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"Jill and Michael are amazing - they were so fun to talk to and worked well together! They helped me create a vision for my personal brand and how to market it over social media. They were helpful and encouraging. Not only did they help me with strategy, but they also touched on mental blocks I may be putting in front of myself. They gave me actual ways to think about becoming business minded, realistically looking at my future goals, and setting myself up in a way to realistically reach them."

Naomi B.
Eye of Tai Graphic Design

“Michael and Jill are some of the nicest people I've ever worked with. Not only are they super knowledgeable about Instagram and other social media platforms, they care so much about their customers and I felt that 100% from them. They really helped me hone in on what content to post on my IG, how to start attracting more clients in my area, and grow my following more than I thought I could. Because of their help, I've landed 5 new clients this past month! Thank you so much for your help!”

Josefine A.
Flow, Yoga by Josefine

How to Go Viral with a Personal Brand

Ready to find your edge in your industry? It's your personal brand! Check out our FREE guide and video all about how to create a viral personal brand!



Let’s start the conversation! We want to know all about you, your brand and your purpose. If you are ready and excited to make a splash in the luxury health and beauty market, we have the tools and the proven track record to get you seen and heard.

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