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3 Reasons Why Every Business STILL Needs A Website

business tips digital marketing agency funnels funnels vs. websites organic search seo socialmediamarketing website tips websites Mar 08, 2022

There are a lot of people who are convinced that you don't need a website in 2022 . . . but I'm inclined to disagree.  They say that because we now have funnels, we don't need a dedicated website, but rather everything can be run through landing pages and sales pages . . .

And while yes, that IS possible, that doesn't mean that it's the best choice.  I truly believe that a website is still a VITAL entity for ANY business, whether you're a product-based or a service-based business owner because there are 3 key things that a website does that a funnel never can.  And those are the things I want to share with you today!

The first reason why a website is so important is that it gives people a chance to see your entire brand and business in one place.  They get to see your home page, get to know about you, see your products and services, as well as reach out to you if you have any questions.  These are things a funnel simply can't accomplish.

A funnel is there simply to guide people in the next step of the nurturing process, or sell them a product . . . but what if your audience is a brand new person, that's looking to find out more about you?  A funnel DEFINITELY won't tell them that, and it will probably turn that person off to your business if I'm being honest.

The second reason, and probably the most important of all, is the SEO capabilities and organic search you get from a website, which honestly, a funnel can't even touch.  Done right, your website in 6-12 months turns into an SEO machine, bringing thousands of people to your website daily (just for context, we get over 500 visitors to our website a day).  What would 500 visitors a day change in your business!?

Funnels, sadly, don't have the same comprehensive SEO, metadata, etc. that websites have, or the abilities to do the things most websites can do.  And while yes, you can make sales/landing pages as long as you want, people aren't going to read all of it, more scan it over.  A website, however, is where people are there to LEARN about you and your business.

The third reason is also an important one, and one that a lot of funnel enthusiasts fail to mention . . . and that is that people LOVE TO BROWSE!  Let me just ask: how often when you go to the grocery store, the mall, Amazon, etc. do you browse instead of simply buying that one thing and moving on?

Probably a lot.  I know because I get caught doing it every, single, time lol.

 The problem with funnels is, you're showing them only ONE product at a time, with a possible upsell . . . but that's it!  What if you have dozens of other products/services that they MIGHT have purchased, but never did because why?  They never saw them.

Maybe they won't buy, but then again, maybe they will.  But don't you want to at least give them the CHANCE to make the decision for themselves?  Well when you only show them one product, you're making the decision for them.

These are the 3 reasons I believe that websites are STILL important, and will be for a long time to come.  Funnels are great, don't get me wrong, and have their place, just like websites have, and still do to this day!

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