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5 Steps To Rapidly Increasing Your Instagram Growth In 2022

how to grow on instagram instagram instagram content creation instagram reels tips instagram tips Apr 05, 2022

We're finally talking about social media, and this week we wanted to start with Instagram.  Even though TikTok is the most used social media platform, Instagram is still THE platform if you're running a business and one that your potential customers WILL check out before making a purchase (at least 70% of the time to be exact).

A businesses' Instagram page says a lot about their business, and you want to make sure that when people see your profile, especially for the first time, they like what they see.  So today, we want to give you the 5 things we're focusing on in 2022 to help grow our Instagram and bring that new audience in!

The very first, and most important thing that you can do in 2022 is start creating MORE Instagram reels, as soon as possible!  Before you say that you've heard that before, I want to go at it from a different angle.  Most people focus on using reels to grow your numbers i.e. followers, views, etc. but I want to focus on what happens when you do a lot of something . . .

You get a lot better.  The point of reels isn't to go viral every single time, but rather to find your "groove," whatever that looks like, and from there create really great reels, regardless of the view count.  I don't even look at the views and likes when watching a reel, all I ask myself at the end is:

Was that a good reel?  That's it.

So the reason you should be creating reels isn't that you want to go viral, or to gain a bunch of followers, but because if/when a new person lands on your Instagram page for the first time, I'm sure you'd rather they see a nice, polished, greatly produced reel, rather than an awkward, can tell you only do one reel every two weeks kinda reel???

Video isn't going anywhere, and the quicker you can get better at creating video content, the more results you'll start to see for your business through social media and online!

The second we're focusing on is after creating reels (one a day for us), we then want to create content specific to our niche, because we want to make sure that the new followers we're getting from reels are our ideal target audience.

Reels are a tricky thing, and it seems like Instagram just pushes them out to random people, regardless of your niche or the hashtags you use, which means you do get more followers, but a lot of them may not ever be interested in purchasing a product or service of yours . . . which is why we then create educational content.

For us, that is carousels and infographics related to topics in our niche (social media, branding, website design, etc.).  So start to think about what your content pillars are (the topics you discuss), then think about what types of educational content you can begin to create for your audience.

Reels are great because they give new people a chance to get to know you through video, but they don't really establish you as any sort of expert . . . that's what the educational content is for.  People will want to know and like you, before they care about what you have to say when it comes to business, that's why our equation is always:

Reels THEN Carousels.

The third Instagram feature that we're really putting a lot more focus on in 2022 is stories, and not necessary for any sort of growth aspect, but more for two distinct reasons:

  • They're a great way to showcase the behind-the-scenes of your life without having to really edit anything because they're gone in 24 hours . . . which makes them the BEST way of building relationships with your community!
  • It's the BEST place to sell your products and services because again, it's gone within 24 hours (or you can save them to a highlight . . . little trick there).

I don't know about you, but when I see someone always selling through their Instagram feed, I usually will mute them or unfollow them.  Too much selling is a big turn-off for people, which is why stories are so great, because most people watch so many Instagram stories, that as long as you space them out, you can do most of your selling through there.

The fourth thing we're focusing on when it comes to Instagram is creating key collaborations with people we respect/admire.  I know you hear the term, "Collaboration" thrown around a lot, and most people see it as a one-time event (podcast, Instagram live), but we see it as a potential partnership that can last for years.

If you collaborate with someone who wants to do big things as you do, you both come out winners after the collaboration, why wouldn't you continue to collaborate?

Collaborations give us a chance to help other business owners by using our gifts and talents, oh and by the way, make a new business friend!  Over the past 3 years, we've been able to collaborate with some AMAZING people, and I truly believe that we are where we are today because of the collaborations that we've done with other people/business owners!

The fifth, and final thing we're going to be focusing on in 2022 is multi-lives on Instagram.  This was a big feature when it first came out, but now I rarely see people use it anymore.  It's almost like the appeal for it faded away . . .

But you know me, if something isn't being used, I like to see the potential!  I do think, however, that when doing them they need to be scheduled far in advance.  That way all four people can promote it to their audiences because you want the maximum effect for the effort.

You want to collaborate on lives with people that make sense, that you can add value to, and that can add value to you in some way.  Obviously, your knowledge/expertise on a topic is great value to add, but you could also have a massive audience . . . that's valuable too.

You just have to figure out WHAT you bring to the table.

For us, we might go live with a social media manager, a social media strategist, and a social media marketer and talk about what the differences are because we think people get them confused a lot.

That would be a great Instagram live, that made sense and would be beneficial for every person's audience!  So start thinking about people you can collaborate with and see if you can schedule a 4-person live in the next 30 days!

Even though Instagram can seem saturated, there is still plenty of potential for growth, but more importantly, plenty of potential for your business to stand out in the eyes of consumers online!

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