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5 Things to Know When Creating Your Wisdom Profile

dayo wisdom digital marketing digital marketing agency how do i use wisdom how to use wisdom social media marketing tips to using wisdom what is wisdom wisdom wisdom app wisdom social app wisdom social audio app Nov 17, 2021

It's official: the new social audio app, "Wisdom" is here, and let me tell you, there are a lot of people that are excited about this new social audio app, and rightly so.  Wisdom is so different than any other social audio app out there, which leads us to believe that Wisdom is going to be a game-changer for your life and your business.

Today we want to break down 5 things that you can do to optimize your Wisdom profile to make sure that you're setting yourself up for success, and building a solid foundation.

Watch the YouTube video HERE!

The first step is to actually set up your profile . . . simple enough right.  So just go through all the steps, but make sure that while you're choosing your interests, to choose things you're either: an expert in or are looking to learn.  You don't want your feed clogged with rooms you're not interested in.

The second step is to make sure to link all of your social media accounts.  Unlike other social audio apps, Wisdom gives you the ability to link pretty much EVERY social media you have, which is great, because it allows you to grow all of your social media channels simultaneously.

When setting up your social media accounts, make sure that you make it clear which platform you want people to connect with you on.  Wisdom does not have a DM feature like Clubhouse, so if people want to reach out to you, they'll have to do it through one of your social media accounts.

The third step is to create your bio.  This is where things get a little tricky . . . because Wisdom only allows you enough space for 160 characters (a Tweet's worth) to convey everything about you.  Sounds impossible, right?  Well, we've got a way around that.

The coolest thing about Wisdom is that it saves your audio's in your library at the bottom of your profile.  So instead of trying to fit everything into those 160 characters, a better idea is to create a 5-10 minute introduction audio that explains:

  • who you are
  • what it is that you do
  • who you are looking to connect with on the app

This will allow people who come into contact with your profile to listen to a short audio clip to get to know you better.  We've had so many people tell me they enjoyed seeing that on our profile, so make that one of the first things you do!

The fourth thing you're going to want to do is to get the "gold check verification" on Wisdom.  Why is that important?  Because Wisdom has said that mentors who have a gold check will get priority placement in the algorithm and hallway as opposed to people with a purple check or no check at all.

The last thing you want to do is spend all this time on an app, pouring into people, only to have no one show up because they can't find your room.  You can get this done by emailing their customer support to have a look at your profile.  I have seen people's change in as little as 8 hours.  So go go go!

The fifth and final tip to optimizing your Wisdom bio is to utilize the "best of" talks.  As of right now, Wisdom does not have any search options, so finding people to follow can be really hard, but we've found that by using the "best of" we were able to find friends, which opened up more rooms.

So make it a point to take some time and find some really big talks with big numbers, then go down the list of people listening and find people that you'd want to follow.  This will start to open up Wisdom for you and give you access to more talks.

We've thoroughly enjoyed our time on Wisdom, and think that it is going to be a great app to network and build relationships with new people!

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