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5 Ways to Create an Instagram Bio That Converts

how to grow on instagram how to grow on social media instagram instagram tips marketing social media growth social media marketing Jul 22, 2021

Making sure that your Instagram bio is optimized for your business is crucial to converting eyeballs to followers, and followers to customers.  You only have about 3 seconds to catch people's attention when they land on your page, so making sure that your bio is concise, professional, and to the point can be the difference between a sale, or a person that bounces from your Instagram never to return.


Today I want to give you our 5 best tips to make sure that your bio is optimized for sales and growth.  The first tip is huge: make sure that your picture is of you and NOT your logo/brand.  While this may have worked 5 years ago, people want to know the person BEHIND the brand now, so make sure that you have a face people can put to a business that is huge and can literally have people leaving your page before they even read your content.

The second tip is to make sure that the bold section in your bio is optimized for SEO, meaning that you use keywords in there to describe what it is that you do.  I can't tell you how many people just put the same name as their Instagram name, which is a huge waste of valuable space.  For example, if you look at our Instagram handle it's "michaelandjill", but if you look at the bold in our bio it says "Digital Marketing Agency" because that is what we know people will type in the search bar of Instagram if they are looking for information/services related to what we do.  So really think about what keywords your ideal client would use to search for you, and use the bold for that, just be careful, because you can only make changes twice every 14 days.

The third tip with your bio is to make sure that people know three things when they read it: who you are, what you do, and why they should care.  It's awesome that you have a pet, or that you love plants, but save that stuff for your personal page, because potential clients and customers don't care about that stuff, initially.  They want to know what you do, some credentials, how you can help, etc.  How that looks is up to you, but we like to have three lines, with each line telling people who we are "founders of The Market Vibe," what we do which is, "branding, social media, etc," and why people should care, "as seen on Bossbabe, Google, etc."

The fourth tip is to have a strong call to action to whatever link you're using in your bio.  Too many people just paste up something like, "Get my freebie here."  That doesn't really entice people to interact or click your link.  Something stronger might be, "Click below to 10X your IG engagement."  Which one would you click on?  The second one, right?  So when you're writing that call to action make sure it is strong and entices people to click with what sort of problem you're going to be solving.

The last tip would be when figuring out what to use as your link, I would HIGHLY suggest you use multiple links and do this by creating a page on your website that has the links to all your products/services/socials/etc.  That way you can track the analytics on your website as opposed to using something like a Linktree where you can't see those analytics.  Having access to those numbers is powerful because it lets you know how many people are clicking which links, the follow-through, and so much more.

So there you have it: our five best ways to optimize your Instagram bio to convert!  I hope that this was helpful for anyone wondering about how to create the perfect Instagram bio.  Making sure that your Instagram bio is optimized is the foundation of any Instagram account, and should be the FIRST thing that you do.

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