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7 Reasons Why Every Business Should Be Writing Blogs

blogging business tips digital marketing agency leads sales Sep 14, 2022
A picture of a business owner writing a blog for her business

Did you know that almost HALF of the business owners out there STILL don’t utilize a blog for their business?  Though a blog can seem like yet another thing you don’t have time to do, blogs are a tool that will pay massive dividends for your business if you stick with them.  Today, I want to show you exactly how to utilize them to grow and scale your business online.

Establishes Your Business As An Authority

One of the best ways for you as a business owner to grow a long-term, sustainable business is to establish yourself and your business as an authority and expert in your field.  In my opinion, having a blog is one of the best ways to do this.

Writing a blog, especially on a weekly basis, shows that you know your stuff, which is why a lot of business owners STILL don’t do it.  To write blogs on a consistent basis not only shows that you know a lot about your industry, but that you are also a constant student and continuing to learn and get better.

What happens is that people initially see that you have a blog, enjoy what they read, and as long as you are consistent, will continually come back to learn.  This establishes you as THE authority in your industry, giving you a leg up when it comes to selling your products and services.

Creates Content For Your Social Media Channels

If you’re looking for a great social media marketing strategy for your business, then creating “macro” content is the way to go.  Things like YouTube videos, podcasts, and specifically, blogs, are big pieces of content aka “macro” content that can be cut up into smaller, bite-sized content.

Take this blog for example.  I’m giving you the 7 reasons why every business owner should have a blog.  However, I could take each of these 7 points and create 7 separate Instagram posts about each point.  I could also create 7 TikTok videos about each of these points.  Are you starting to get the idea?

Blog writing is a great way for you to be able to plan your social media content ahead of time.  First, you do research for your blog, then you take the main points of your blog and turn them into social media posts.  It’s one of the best and most efficient ways to create your social media marketing strategy.

One Of The Best ROIs For Your Business

 In my opinion, besides email marketing, there is no better ROI for your business than writing blogs.  What’s the reason?  Because writing blogs cost you no money, only your time.

Writing blogs for your business fulfills every area of your funnel as well.  First, they attract cold traffic and new audiences to your website and your brand.  Second, it establishes you as the “go-to” for information, which brings you more leads.  Finally, it turns warm traffic to buyers of your product because they see your brand as the best possible solution for their problems.

If you’re a brand new business owner or one that is strapped for cash and can’t do things like run ads, then writing a blog can be a great way to get leads and sales for your business.  Just know that it will take time, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away.

Helps Drive Traffic To Your Website

At a certain point, people have seen everything there is to see on your website as far as your products and services go.  However, if you have a weekly blog that you write that’s valuable and informative, you give your audience a reason to come back over and over.

This makes it easy when you launch new products, run specials, update your website, and everything in-between.  The reason being is that if people are conditioned to know you come out with a new blog every week, you have to do very little promotion across your other channels to get them to your site.

The more traffic you drive to your site, the better your overall website ranking.  The more traffic you drive to your site, the more leads and sales you get.  Knowing this, there is no better way of bringing that traffic to your site than with a blog.

Improves Your Search Engine Rankings

 We touched on this slightly in the last point, but one way to bring about new/cold traffic to your site is to improve your website’s overall search ranking, allowing your website to show up higher in someone’s search.  The absolute best way to do this is through writing a consistent blog.

The first reason is search terms.  You can only fit so many keywords and search terms in things like your home page and product pages.  However, when you write a blog on a consistent basis, you have a neverending supply of pages that you can fill with search terms and keywords that people would use to look up and find your products and services.

This will allow you to begin to rank higher on long-tail keywords in the short term, and short-tail keywords in the long term.  Writing targeted blogs based on your top keywords will allow people looking for your brand and your services much easier to find organically.

The second reason that writing a consistent blog helps your search rankings is because of the links associated with it.

First, it increases the number of inbound links available on your site.  Most people’s websites have a homepage, an about page, and a product page.  However, when you have blogs, each individual blog is its own separate link on your site, and the more site pages you have, the higher authority with Google you have.

Second, it allows you to use external links to make your blog even more authoritative.  When you link your blog to another blog that has even more information, you increase the expertise of your blog and the number of authoritative links, which in turn, increases your website score.

When looking for ways to increase your website’s search rankings, a blog should be the first place you look.  It allows you to create endless amounts of content, keywords you use, as well as links you can create and also use from other expert sources.

Turns Website Traffic To Leads

 Most of the traffic that lands on your website is going to either be brand new eyes to your brand, or cold traffic that’s come to your site from another source, such as social media.  Cold traffic isn’t ready to buy, but rather, they’re doing their research.

And what better way to turn someone doing research into a lead than through a blog?

When people first get introduced to you as a brand, they basically see you on the same level as everyone else who does what it is that you do, no better, no worse.  So when they land on your website for the first time, you can either have the same website filled with products to show them . . . or you can have a great blog that helps you stand out from your other competition.

The reason a blog is so important is that if people land on your website and all they see are products and prices, then they’re forced to evaluate you and your brand based on merit. . . and that’s never a good thing.

It’s not their fault, because it’s all they can see. Instead, if you show them a library of well-written blogs, it not only shows you know more than the average competition, it justifies WHY your prices are what they are because you’ve shown them the expertise to back up the pricing.

When you have a website, it not only turns traffic coming to your site into leads, but people doing searches into leads as well.  Having a consistent blog brings consistent traffic to your site, which is NEVER a bad thing.

Allows You To Showcase Your Brands Personality

 In a world where every business is looking for a way to stand out, a blog can be a great way to do this.  No doubt you’ve probably come across a blog like this teaching you the importance of having a blog for your business . . . yet you’re reading this one as well.

Why?  Because it’s written in our brand voice which is different and unique compared to everyone else’s.  That’s why short-form video is trending so much right now because it gives your brand a chance to showcase its individuality.  Blogs do the same thing.

As we were mentioning before, most people will look at your products and services the same way that they look at your competitions, however, when you write blogs, you give people a chance to get to know you and your personality through your writing.  It is a great way to build a better relationship and give people a chance to know you.

Not only can you educate, but you can use stories from your personal journey and the experiences you’ve had to add a little personal branding flavor to your blogs, not only making them educational but entertaining as well.


 We started our blog when we first started our business three years ago.  We’ve averaged a blog a week over that time, and here are some stats to show you just how powerful blogs can be:

  • 15K+ average website visits a month
  • 12k+ of those are to our blogs
  • Average 10-20 leads a month from our blogs
  • Helped us grow an email list of over 10K
  • Helped us build a 6-figure business in less than a year

Blogs may seem “outdated” or like they don’t work anymore, but did you know according to “Optinmonster,” over 409 million people a month read more than 20 BILLION blog pages!?  Don’t sleep on blogging . . . it could be the one thing that changes the entire success of your business!

If you have questions regarding how to start a blog, how to find topics, or simply want us to take blogging off your hands and write them for you, book a FREE call HERE and let’s talk more about what having a blog can do for you and your business!