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Ranking the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business in 2022

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When starting your business, you eventually get to the point of trying to figure out what social media platforms you should be on.  All of them are great for different reasons, and obviously, everyone's list could be different, but today we wanted to give our take on what social media platforms we think are best for business owners in 2022!

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Our top social media platform for business owners right now is YouTube.  With people looking to video now more than ever, millions of people flock to YouTube every day for all sorts of different reasons.  Also, YouTube now has the "Shorts" option, basically, it's a version of a TikTok or Instagram Reel.  While this is in beta you can get increased organic reach, which can help you grow even more!  The main reason we love it so much though is because it is a searchable platform, which means your content can be searched for, no matter how long ago it was created.

The second platform in our opinion is Pinterest!  We love Pinterest for the searchability, like YouTube, but also for the focus that it puts on the imagery and graphic design created.  It allows you to do something that no other platform does as well which is put a link with each individual post.  This makes Pinterest the BEST platform at growing all of your other social media platforms, website, email list, etc. because you can simply drop the links to all of those things across your various posts and watch them grow!

The third platform on our list is Instagram.  With over a billion people on the app, 500 million daily, shippable posts, multiple features, paid collaborative abilities, and the list goes on, it's no wonder why Instagram is a must-have for business owners.  The app has become the central hub for all social media, and as such, needs to be a place where your business is present and visible, especially locally!

The fourth platform on our list is LinkedIn.  We put LinkedIn fourth because of how many great local connections and businesses that we've made through the app.  Most people think of it as a place for people to find jobs, but it's also a great place for business owners to make connections with other business owners, as well as find potential customers for their products.  So think about LinkedIn, especially if you're looking to network and/or do business locally.

The last platform on our list, but certainly not the least, is TikTok.  The only reason that we put it 5th was because it has been the social media platform that has created the least amount of connections and business.  We have, however, gained over 100K followers that have translated into a lot of social media followers for our other channels.  And now more than ever, TikTok is starting to become a platform that WANTS business owners on there, so be on the lookout for TikTok in 2022!

So there you have it!  Our top 5 social media platforms for your business in 2021!  If you're a business owner who is looking for additional help when it comes to growing and scaling your business!

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