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Solving Business Owner's Social Media Marketing Issues In 2022

best social media platforms for business content creation content marketing content tips digital marketing digital marketing agency entrepreneur how to stand out on social media marketing plan marketing strategy social media content social media growth social media marketing Jan 03, 2022

Did you miss us?  We got a lot of DM's and voice messages from people asking us: "Where did you guys go?"  Well, if you saw our Instagram post then you know that we decided to take a two-week break from posting content across ALL our social media profiles.  You might be asking, "Why on earth are people who are in digital marketing and run an agency STOPPING posting for weeks?"

The reason is that, over the past 2+ years of posting every day, we've noticed something.  And we think that what we noticed is the reason why most business owners never reach the level of success in their business that they want.  If you think about it, all the information is out there, so then why are people able to translate that success into their business?

We think that we've identified three main reasons as to why business owners are succeeding like they should with all the information out there . . . and those reasons are these:

• Content isn't packaged in an optimal way

• You only get bits and pieces of the puzzle

• Most content leaves out how to implement

When I say content isn't packaged in an optimal way, really think about it.  Go down a few people's Instagram accounts that you follow, and try to make sense of the content and if there is any pattern or any strategy to how it's built to help you learn.  Chances are that it isn't.  That's because most people post what they feel like posting or what they think will be helpful for their audience, which isn't a bad thing, but you leave out one important part: how does that one piece of content fit in with the larger strategy or plan?

It'd be like writing a book and putting chapter 1 first, followed by chapter 4, then 7, and so on.  If people are following you on a consistent basis, they might learn something yes, but the content doesn't flow in a way that builds off each other to really teach the person what it is you're trying to teach.  That is why this year we've built out our entire content calendar for 2022, in an order that starts from being a brand new business owner, all the way to scaling your business to 7-figures!

Each week will build off each other with each last week of the month being how you implement the things you've learned over the past three weeks.  It is an experience that is meant to finally help business owners break through their hurdles and start experiencing success in their business!

The second problem is that a lot of people have "gated content" which means that you have to give something up for the information, like your email, phone number, money, etc.  Now let me say, there is NOTHING wrong with building an email list or making money, I'm not saying that.  I'm simply saying that some people don't like being on email lists, and some business owners are strapped for cash . . .

So not everyone can or will want to go through that "gate."

This creates a problem because that again means that your audience is only getting pieces of the puzzle, not the full picture.  If you give me tips on your Instagram, but I have to pay to learn how to implement it, but I don't have the money, I'm kinda out of luck.  This is why for 2022 all of our content will be FREE!  No courses to teach you how to implement a strategy, no giving up your email address for a freebie, none of that.  All of our content will be FREE for you to use and implement as you see fit in your business!

This brings me to my last point, which is the lack of implementation.  Everyone tells you WHAT to do, but people rarely take it a step further and teach you HOW to do what it is that you need to do.  We're completely changing that norm as one week of each month will be dedicated to teaching you how to implement the EXACT things that we're teaching you.

No wondering how to use the information for your business, or how to do this in Canva, or create that post on Instagram, because we're going to show you exactly how to do it!  That way, you get the information with the application so that in the future, you'll know what to do if the situations arise again!

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