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FAQ's About Opening A Digital Marketing Agency

digital marketers digital marketing digital marketing agency entrepreneur how to start a digital marketing agency social media marketing agency Dec 08, 2021

In the last part of our series, we wanted to answer questions that YOU specifically asked us about digital marketing, starting an agency, and everything in-between.  We took your most frequently asked questions and turned them into a video as well, so if you'd like to watch that, click HERE!

The first question is always, "How should I tell potential clients that hiring an agency benefits them when pitching them?"  It's a great question, and I like to focus on it from two perspectives: time and money.  If you're pitching a business owner social media services, that means that by you doing them, they aren't which saves them time in their business.  That time can then be spent creating more products, making more sales, scaling, vital things that keep a business successful.  That is how we've always pitched our agency to potential clients.

The second question is, "What services should I offer when running my agency?"  I always like to say offer what you know, because the worst thing that can happen is you get a bad review, especially when you're just starting out.  So if you're not comfortable offering website design, then don't offer it!  Just stick with what you're knowledgeable in and you know you can get results for your clients.

The third question comes from the perspective of the buyer, and it is, "How do I pick the right digital marketing agency for my business?"  Such a great question!  I'd say you're going to want to interview AT LEAST three different agencies/people, I'd probably try and do at least five.  Then you're going to want to ask them questions about past clients, past results, what their onboarding process looks like, how accessible they are (REALLY IMPORTANT), and anything else you'd like to ask!  Remember, YOU'RE HIRING THEM!  You're allowed to ask whatever you want :)

The fourth question, which it always comes down to is, "Will hiring an agency be worth it?"  My answer is always yes (as long as you hire the right one).  The problem is, business owners only look at the dollar amount they're spending, not the ROI they're receiving in a HOST of different areas.  So it's your job as the digital marketer to show them that.  Show them that while the initial investment maybe $5,000, but now you're running all their social media accounts and handling their marketing . . . how much time does that save them every month?  Probably a lot!

The last question is around what sorts of skills should I have as a digital marketer.  I know it might sound cheesy, but the main thing I'd say is a desire to always learn.  The reason I say that is because marketing and social media literally change weekly, and if you're not willing to learn new updates, platforms, algorithms, etc., then you're not going to be around for very long, I can promise you.

Besides, that, I'd say you're going to want to have a grasp around each service that you offer, and if there is something that you'd like to offer in the future, find someplace that you can learn while offering the services you do know.  YouTube, blogs, and courses are all great places to learn new skills to add to your belt.

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