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How to 10x Your Instagram Engagement in 2022

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If you're a business owner on social media, then you know just how powerful of a platform Instagram truly is.  With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is definitely a social media platform that should be a staple for 99% of business owners.  But you already know that we want to tell you how you can get more eyeballs on your business, more people to your page, more likes, and ultimately more sales.

The first thing you have to realize is that there isn't just ONE type of content on Instagram.  There's a ton.  And most people don't like the same content.  Some people will like funny stuff, some people will really resonate with your educational content, others won't care less.  That begs the question: how am I supposed to know which type of content my audience resonates with the most?

This is where you're going to have to do two things: first, you're going to need to check back through your old content.  See if you can notice any trends.  Were people in the past gravitating towards a certain type of content?  If you see a pattern great, that gives you a place to start.  If not, you're going to have to do a little bit more legwork . . .

The second thing you can do is take all the different types of content you plan on creating according to your brand and business.  So hypothetically, let's say you end up with 5 different types of content every single week.  What I would do is post a reel each day, Monday-Friday of each of those types of content.  Then over the weekend I would go back through, look at the content, and see which ones did better.  Then rinse and repeat.

Doing this not only will allow you to see what type(s) of content work the best, but it will also make you very consistent and make reels, and lastly, you'll get better from all the practice!

Now you know what type(s) of content work, you gear your strategy towards creating 70-80% of that type of content.  Why?  Because that's what people have told you what they want.  The last thing you want to do is waste time creating all of this amazing content that NONE of your audience wants to see or read.

So if you're posting 5x a week, I would suggest that at least 3 of those posts be about the topic most of your audience wants to hear.  Not just for your audience, but for the new people coming into your community as well.  Because if most of the people in your community already like that specific type of content, chances are most of them will as well . . .

The last thing to remember, and I wish that this went without saying, is to be consistent.  Don't put in all of this hard work to find out the best content, all to throw it away by letting inconsistency creep its way in.  Create a content calendar, set a schedule for yourself . . . whatever it is that you have to do to make sure that you remain consistent!  We can speak from experience that a large part of the reason we've had the success we've had is because for 6 years we've been consistent, day in and day out.  And you can too!

If you're reading this now, the one thing to take from this is to write down all of the different types of content that you create on your page (funny, cute, emotional, etc.).  Then start to figure out which content resonates with your audience the most.  Once you figure those two things out, you can start to build a winning content strategy that will guide you on your way to 10X'ing your Instagram growth!

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