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How To Be Present On EVERY Social Media Platform

digital marketing agency how to grow on social media how to use social media for business social media marketing social media strategy Apr 21, 2022

This past week on Instagram, we got asked a great question in the comments, and that question was: "How are you guys able to run 5 social media platforms and stay consistent on all of them?"

I thought this was a great question and one that I know a lot of people ask.  So today, I wanted to break down three reasons why I believe that we're able to do this and stay consistent on all of them.

The first reason why I believe we're able to do this is that we plan out our weekly topics LONG before we ever post.  We actually have all of our 2022 content already mapped out, and we did this in December of 2021.  This way, I don't have to wonder when I sit down to write a blog about what it should be about.  I know that this week, we're talking about how to apply a social media strategy to your business.

This lets me know what my blog topics should center around, the YouTube video I record, the podcast topic we talk about, the carousels, I create, etc.  You may think: "Well that's a lot of content revolving around one topic . . ." and while yes, you are correct, you have to remember that on platforms like Instagram, only about 6% of your audience actually sees your content.

You have no idea how much TIME this saves us!  It can be so frustrating trying to come up with topics on the fly, and usually what happens, is the content suffers when you do this.  Plus, when you plan your content ahead of time, you can plan it in a way that makes your content binge-able.  If you look at our Instagram portfolio, you'll notice that if you start on January 1st, 2022, you could literally binge all of our content and it would read like a story because the topics are planned out that way.

Whereas when you look at other businesses' Instagram pages, they seem all over the place, the content does make sense from day to day, and it's just a bunch of random value posting.  Plan your topics out ahead of time so that it makes your life easier and your audience's life easier when consuming your content.

The second thing we do is make sure that we always create a certain type of content on the same day at the same time every week.  So for example, I always know that every Tuesday morning, from 6-8 am, I'm going to be creating our Pinterest content.  I don't even have to think about it, wonder about it, and most importantly, worry about it.

Same with this blog.  I know every Monday morning, from 7-9 am that I'll be writing these blogs for the following week.  When you get into a habit and routine like this, not only does it take the worry out of content creation, but it also allows you to become better and quicker at creating that content.  After writing blogs for 3 years this way, I can honestly say that I'm a much better blogger and I can also write them 10x quicker than I could at the beginning.

If you're struggling to be consistent on social media, try blocking out the same time every week to create your content.  Do this for a month and see how much better AND quicker you get at creating that content.  I bet what you'll find is that each time you reinforce the routine, you get more efficient.

The last thing we do is always spend the first hour of our day learning and researching new topics.  Most people's social media content struggles to get engagement and grow because they themselves aren't growing.  If you talk about the same 2-3 tips over and over again, eventually people will get bored and find someone with more to offer.

You have to always be stretching yourself and learning new things!

There is so much information out there in the form of videos, blogs, books, articles, freebies, courses, etc. that there is no excuse to not be perfecting your craft.  Even if you take 10 minutes every morning to listen to a podcast, it'd put you ahead of 98% of other business owners out there that AREN'T doing what you're doing.

When you expand your capacity, you allow others to expand theirs.

Hopefully, these three tips helped you in your quest to be on every social media platform.  It definitely wasn't easy for us at first, but once we started doing these three things, we not only found it a lot easier but way more enjoyable creating social media content.  And if you need help, you can always reach out to us on Instagram @michaelandjill and we'd be happy to help in any way that we can!