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What It Feels Like to Fulfill A Dream

business resources couples content couples goals couples in business digital marketing digital marketing agency entrepreneurship habits how to build a personal brand social media marketing Sep 07, 2021

Even as I begin writing this, it feels surreal that this actually happened!  Two weeks later, and it still feels like a dream, almost like it didn't happen (we have pictures to prove it lol).  Two weeks ago we spoke on stage together for the first time together as business owners!  Why is this such a big deal?

Because we had this on our dream board for 6 years!  That's right, 6 loooooong years lol.  We wrote it in our journals every single day as one of our top 3 goals to achieve in business as a couple.  And it finally happened!  This blog is for people who are maybe where we were, wondering if it's ever going to happen.  We've been there, sooooo many times and for so long, so if that's you, read on.

We always believed that we could do it, but that doesn't mean that we didn't wonder WHEN it was going to happen.  As the years went by and we weren't succeeding as fast as we thought we should (sound familiar?) we started to wonder what was wrong with us.  We'd see people around us achieving their goals and wonder why they were but we weren't. 

It was really hard.  We fought a lot.  There were a lot of sleepless nights. 

What we didn't realize at the time, was that it just wasn't our time yet.

As much sense as that doesn't make, when you think about it, it actually does.

When we "thought" that we were ready for success, we weren't.  If we had spoken on stage 5 years ago, we might have said all the right things, but the experience wouldn't have been there.  The expertise wouldn't have been there.  Where we are now as opposed to 5 years ago aren't even close.

And that's the secret: so many people think it's a business strategy or an Instagram secret that will make them successful.  It isn't.  What will make you successful is the foundational things/habits you put into your life every day, that over time, make you better.

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