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The Future of Business Is Going To Be Different

branding business blog business coaching digital marketing agency how to build a personal brand personal branding social media manager social media marketing Feb 04, 2022

Until recently, it'd be pretty rare if you knew who the CEO or founder of a company was unless it was a huge company like Google or Apple.  They wouldn't be seen on the social media pages of the company, and the brand itself would usually stand out in front as the face of the company.  Well, that time as we know it, is pretty much coming to an end . . .

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With so much emphasis on standing out, and making sure your business is different than the competition, you're literally being given an easy way to do EXACTLY that!  Simply by building a personal brand i.e. people getting to know the YOU behind the business, you already establish yourself as different.

Because here's the thing: NO ONE ELSE CAN BE YOU!  So no matter how hard your competition could try, they could never replicate you.  That's why short-form video is so appealing and is still trending . . . because it gives everyone a chance to show how unique they are!

I know there are a lot of business owners out there that are still reluctant to get on video, or that think they'll somehow be seen as unprofessional or not taken seriously if they do things like funny Instagram Reels . . . I'm here to tell you that couldn't be further from the truth.

Jill and I do some of the most ridiculous reels and TikTok's, I mean, we make ourselves look dumb allllll the time, and no one has ever said anything to us, and do you know why?  Because the people we attract are the people that like to have fun, laugh, and be silly just like us!

See, your problem is you're trying to attract everyone instead of trying to attract your RIGHT one.  Focus on being who you truly are, and you'll attract the right kind of audience and customers that vibe with who you are.  It's when you start believing the voice in your head that says you can't, OR when you think you need to be like other people that you'll start losing your way.

Build a strong personal brand, showcase why you're different, and more importantly, showcase why your products and services are different because that is the reason that people will stick around and buy from you in 2022 and beyond.

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