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How to Create An Instagram Content Strategy for Your Business

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Is it just me, or is Instagram one of the "neediest" social media platforms out there?  Not convinced, just take a look at all the content they want you to post on a weekly basis:

  • 1 hour of live footage
  • 1 IGTV video
  • 5-7 Reels
  • 8-10 Stories 3x
  • 2-3 Still Posts (Quotes)
  • 2-3 Carousels
  • 1 Guide

Seriously?  That's like having a full-time job!  Especially in the beginning, when a business owner is doing everything themselves, that can seem like a daunting task, riddled with anxiety.  So we want to help!  We're going to give you a strategy that in a few hours a week you can create all the Instagram content you'll need on a weekly basis.

The first thing you're going to want to do is to create some of the following, whether it be in Canva or another program:

  • Carousel templates (2-3)
  • Reels Covers (2-3)
  • Story Templates (15-20)

The reason you want to create these is so that you have variety on your page, and so you don't have to create everything from scratch every single time, because that is when this whole process gets really time-consuming.

Once you have that, here is what the process looks like to create all your content in the simplest way:

  • Do 2-30 lives on Instagram, one that is entertaining and one that is educational
    • take those two lives and put them up as IGTV's on your feed
    • from those two lives, edit the videos and grab the 5-7 reels that you need for that specific week
    • For each live, have the best parts transcribed, then cut down to be able to use as two carousels for the week, whether it be the video, audio, or both
    • Take your best one-liners and turn them into quotes
  • Next, batch create your stories talking about your upcoming week, teasing about the content coming up
  • Add your reels and carousels to a new guide that you create for that week
  • Lastly, write the captions for your posts

This process can take anywhere from 2-5 hours, and will probably take you a little bit longer in the beginning.  The goal is to streamline the process, not focus on perfection.  This was our problem in the past.  We'd get hung up on small details that ended up costing us valuable time.  You'll get better as time goes on, just worry about hammering down the process for now.

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