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How To Create Content That Makes You Money

content creation content creation tips content marketing digital marketing agency how to create great content social media marketing Apr 28, 2022

Content creation is becoming a huge industry, with people being able to create businesses and make money online, simply (or not so simply) by creating great content!  But that begs the question for a lot of people who are struggling and wonder: "Just what exactly is 'GREAT' content and how do I create it?"

When we think about content and the entrepreneurs creating great content, we think of three key things that their content does that makes it so great.  Today, I want to break down those three things for you, in hopes that it helps you start creating better content, and getting more eyes on your business!

 The first thing that great content does is it's relatable, and I mean that in two ways.  When I say, "relatable," I mean that it is: something that a lot of people can relate to (a problem) AND that the content also makes you relatable (likeable) as a person.  If content is relatable to a lot of people, that's what will get your content shared out to more and more people . . . and if YOU relate to more people, then more people will do business with you, because people want to do business with people they like.

The next thing great content does is it adds value to the person consuming it.  Now, I'll say two things when it comes to value.

First, value doesn't JUST mean education, although that is a big form of valuable content.  However, valuable content can also be content that makes people laugh, because to me, that's just as valuable.  So don't JUST think of value in terms of education, because the content you end up creating may very well add value, but in a non-conventional way.

Second, the amount of "value" your content must have is literally different with each person that consumes it.  You and I could both read the same carousel post and I could come away thinking it was valuable, while you might think it wasn't.  Neither of us are right or wrong, it's simply that the word "value" is a subjective term.

That's why your goal should always be to strive to make the most valuable content you can.  Something that you feel like when you're done, people should have to pay you to have access to that content.  If you do that, your content will be thought of as valuable to most people.  The goal with valuable content is to put your own spin on it.  Everyone, by in large, is sharing the same tips/information in your niche, so your job is to figure out how to spin that old information in new and unique ways to your brand!


The last thing great content does is that it adds easy application at the end of it.  So if we're talking about educational type of content, it doesn't just tell you the information, it also tells you HOW to take that information and apply it to your business, life, etc.

This is where a lot of people differ in their opinions.  Some people say that you should share the "why" and the "what," but charge for the "how."  While others believe you should give a little bit of the "how," that way people can see that the education you give actually helps when applied.

Since we more offer services so business owners don't have to do it themselves, we lean a lot more towards the "how," because we want business owners to be able to take the information and directly apply to their business IF they want to do it themselves.

But a lot of them don't, and end up hiring us to do it.  But I don't believe that a lot of them would if we weren't transparent in our ability to show we could help them.

How much of the "how" you share is completely up to you and what you're comfortable with, but you DO have to show some form of application to your content, or else your page with be a bunch of tips/hacks/education in your niche, but nobody will know what to do with that information, because you haven't shown them the next step, which is application.

Hopefully, these three things will help you start to create better, more engaging content for your business.  Content creation isn't slowing down, and the businesses online that are booming are the ones that understand just how to create great content.  If you have any content creation questions you'd like answered, you can always reach out to us on Instagram @michaelandjill