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How to Improve Your SEO for Your Business

blogging digital marketing agency how to grow on pinterest search engine optimization seo social media marketing tips to improving seo youtube Mar 03, 2022

So if you joined us on the blog this past Tuesday, you know that we talked about WHY SEO is so important for your business, and we broke it down in its simplest of terms, that way we could take the anxiety and fear out of the equation . . .

Because NOW we want to show you HOW you can start improving your SEO today, so that 6-12 months down the road, you'll be showing up all over page 1 and reaping the benefits that it entails!

So let's talk about 3 easy ways that you can start to take advantage of SEO and use it to your business's long-term advantage.

The first and easiest way is to start a blog.  If I'm being honest, I can't believe in 2022 there are STILL business owners that don't have a blog.  We get 6K+ hits to our website every single month, which means 72K extra website hits a year . . . what could 72K more visitors to your website over the course of the year do for your business?

I'M GUESSING PROBABLY A LOT.  Yet still, most business owners use excuses like I don't have time or it's not important when really it only takes 15-30 minutes a week to write a really good blog.  And the point isn't to be perfect right away, it's to be consistent and get better and better over time.

We've landed $25K/month clients simply by having a blog.  Want to know how?  A potential client googled a search term like, "marketing help" and our blog came up on page 1, so they clicked and read it.  They loved what they read, then saw we had 100's of other blogs, and started to binge all of those.  By the end, it was already a done deal.

That's the power of SEO and specifically, a blog.

Second, you can start a Pinterest account, or if you already have a Pinterest account, you can start repurposing your content from TikTok/Instagram to it.  Did you know that Pinterest posts have the longest half-life of ANY social media platform (4 months to be exact).  That means that instead of the 48-hour half-life you get on an Instagram post, you'd get a whole 3 months and 28 days MORE engagement on it had you put that post on Pinterest!

On top of that, Pinterest is an SEO-based platform, meaning that your titles, descriptions, captions, EVERYTHING, are searchable.  Add the icing on the cake that you can add links to your post, and it makes Pinterest a CLEAR favorite in our eyes if you're looking to take advantage of an SEO-based social media platform.

The last thing you can do is start taking your video content and start repurposing it to YouTube!  Why YouTube?  Well for one, it's the number 2 search engine behind Google, which means that putting your content up there will give you an increased chance of showing up in search.

The second thing is that by building out a YouTube channel, you're adding another income stream to your business when you eventually monetize . . . and I promise you that if you're consistent, it WILL happen . . . it's just a matter of when.

YouTube is definitely more of a 1-3 year play for your business, but let me ask you a question: you plan on still being in business 3 years from now right?  Then take the steps NOW so that in 3 years you'll be reaping the benefits of putting in the work ahead of time!

So there you have it!  There are three failproof ways that you can start improving your SEO literally TODAY!  You could read this blog, then go start your own blog, and write one within 30 minutes . . . it's that simple!

So go out and do it!  No excuses 😉

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