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How to Land Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency

digital marketers digital marketing digital marketing agency social media marketing social media marketing agency Dec 03, 2021

Landing consistent leads and clients for your digital marketing agency can seem like a nightmare, especially at the beginning, when you don't have a big network.  On today's blog, I wanted to give you the five best ways we've found of landing consistent clients for your digital marketing agency!

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The first, and honestly the best way to get your first few clients is to ask for referrals from people that you already know.  The way we asked was simple, we just say, "Hey ______, we just started our digital marketing agency, and we're offering social media services for business owners in the area.  If you happen to know anyone who's looking for something like that, I'd love if you'd pass them our way!"

We did that ten times, and from that, we got four clients.  It was a great way to start our agency, already making 10K in the first month, and without having to spend any money on advertising.  So think about who you have in your network that's a business owner, who might know other business owners in need of your services.

The second way we were able to gain consistent clients was through social audio apps like Clubhouse and Wisdom.  Being able to hear you speak about your knowledge and expertise in real-time is invaluable to business owners looking for help with their digital marketing.

So get into rooms about social media, branding, whatever the services are that you want to offer, and begin to add value and answer questions.  Naturally, people will reach out if they resonate with what you're saying and want to know more.

The third way is to have a valuable resource that helps a business owner in your particular niche get a win in an area that they need.  For example, say that you work with restaurant owners in the area.

Say that you know it's pretty common that most of them aren't very good at consistently posting on their social media, so you could create an easy-to-do content calendar for restaurants that they could download and implement for their business.

This helps the business tremendously and shows them that you know the main problems they have, but better yet, you know how to solve them.

The next way is actually what we're doing right now over on our YouTube channel, and that is to provide value to businesses in your area of expertise via video.  Video is great because it is evergreen content that stands the test of time in terms of relevancy.

So thinking about taking what you know and putting it up on a YouTube channel, because business owners are always searching for tools and resources to help them run their business.

The last way to gain consistent leads is actually a dark horse way, one that many people don't think about, and that's blogging.  A lot of business owners are looking for written material on how to help their business, and blogs are a great way to do this.

Over the past two years, we've gained at least 10 clients from our blog alone.  They simply read a blog, implemented what we taught, got results, and so they wanted to know more about the services we offered.  It really was that simple.

Hopefully, these ways help you start to land consistent leads for your marketing agency, especially if you're brand new in business!

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