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How to Make Your Brand Stand Out On Social Media

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Let's face it: social media isn't getting any LESS crowded.  And with the coronavirus having everyone on lockdown, that pushed even more people online than before in 2020.  This had a lot of business owners stressed out, wondering how they were going to be able to compete with the numbers of other people in their industry.

If you've ever thought that, then this blog is for you.  We want to help you stand out from your crowd, so that your audience knows why you're different, and based upon that, wants to work with you in some capacity.

I feel that we can speak on this because we've been on both sides of the spectrum when it comes to this.  So let's start with the bad first, then the good (cause I always like to leave on a positive lol).  When we started our first business, we thought you had to know the most to be the most successful.

So we studied, we read, we bought courses, we did it all.  In the end, while we did achieve some success, it wasn't nearly what it should have been, and it really confused us.  "We did all this work, why are we not succeeding?"  We were trying to compete with everyone else, but here's the problem: everyone had access to the same information we did.  This means that no matter what, we could never really gain an upper advantage.  We'd always be the same as someone else.

We quickly realized that this approach wasn't going to work.

Fast forward to now.  We realized that we were never going to know everything, and that, and wait for it: we're probably never going to be the BEST digital marketing agency, and even if we were, how would we know that lol?

But what we can be is the most relatable for the people that are meant to cross paths with us.  So that's what we are . . . our normal, everyday selves.  Yes, we give massive value and let people know that hey, we know what we're talking about and we mean business, but that's not WHO we are, that's what we do.

So let people know who you are behind what you do, and I think you'll start to notice yourself standing out quite a bit more from the crowd.  Because there can only be one you. (sorry, didn't mean to make that sound so cheesy, but you get it )  That's how you stand out.  That's how you show that you're different.  Will it repel some people?  Sure!  But the goal isn't to relate to everyone, just to the right one.

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