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3 Ways to Grow and Monetize on Clubhouse

clubhouse clubhouse app digital marketing how to grow on clubhouse how to monetize on clubhouse marketing marketing strategy monetization monetize social media social media marketing Apr 20, 2021

It's official!  As of Sunday (4/11/21), Android users are now beta testing the Clubhouse app.  Clubhouse has said that they plan on rolling out the ability for all Android users to be on the platform by June.  So what does this mean for you and your business?  How can you set up your Clubhouse to monetize for your business in the best ways?  In this blog, we'll give you 3 ways that you can take advantage of monetizing through Clubhouse.

If you're looking for a great in-depth article about how to use Clubhouse from our good friend, Larry Kim, you can check that out here!

The first way to monetize on Clubhouse is something that they just rolled out earlier this week, and that is the ability to now tip speakers through the app using Stripe.  This is a nice way to get tipped for providing value and expertise in your particular field.  While I don't see this creating a huge amount of revenue, it is a nice way for you to be compensated for giving your time to be a mod and serve on a panel.

The second way you can use Clubhouse to monetize your business is by linking your offers directly to your profile.  As of right now, you cannot click links and phone numbers in a Clubhouse bio, but that is set to change, which means if you have a course, E-book, etc., you can now put that link directly in your bio, people can copy/paste it (or in the future, click it).  


This is a great way for people to listen to you speak about a certain topic, see the value you have to offer, then be able to look at what else you have to offer in one easy click.  My recommendation would be to keep these offers to $99 or less, as it is probably unlikely that people will spend more than that without some sort of off-platform conversation.

The last way and the way that we have used Clubhouse primarily to monetize for our business is to take the conversation off of the platform, and into the DM's of Instagram.  Our digital marketing services can cost anywhere from $5,000-$100,000 a month, which means that after people hear us speak, see the value and expertise we have, it makes sense to then take that next step.

What we do is we follow up with that person with a DM saying something like, "Hi _____, I'm so glad that I was able to answer your question and provide value to you.  "I took a look at your website and all your socials, and I have a couple of suggestions if you're open to hearing more?"

9 times out of 10 people respond with a resounding, "YES," to which we then send them a calendar link for a 15-minute call to discuss their options.  Out of that, usually, 1-2 make sense to work within some capacity.  This works WITHOUT FAIL.  LIKE CLOCKWORK.

The main way to make this strategy work is you HAVE TO speak on stages, and OFTEN.  People aren't going to spend $5,000 a month on your services unless they can see you have a proven track record of success AND know what you're talking about.

These three ways to monetize essentially give you a low ticket, medium ticket, and high ticket offer that you can take advantage of when it comes to being on Clubhouse.  The main advice I would give to you: HAVE A PLAN!  Don't just spend hours on end on the app, but rather plan out how long you'll be on, what rooms you'll go into, and what relationships you'll build.

The better your plan, the better results you'll get.  So make sure you take the time to develop a strong plan when it comes to social audio, or you'll quickly find yourself wasting a lot of time on these apps for no reason.

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