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How to Navigate the Landscape of Clubhouse

clubhouse clubhouse tips digital marketing how to grow on clubhouse how to grow on social media how to use clubhouse social media marketing Nov 26, 2021

Now that we've been on the social audio app, "Clubhouse" for almost a year, we can definitely tell you that the landscape has changed.  With new people coming onto the app every day, we wanted to give our perspective on how to best navigate the app, specifically if you're a business owner who's looking to use the app specifically for that.

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When we got onto the app in early February, we found it to be THE best place to learn and gain mentorship, in my opinion.  So many people that were running rooms on the app were CEOs, people with huge businesses, people that were really wanting to give back and help the people coming onto the app.

However, it has changed quite drastically since then.  Those rooms of value are gone, and what they've been replaced with are click-bait rooms, where people argue over one another, block people off stages, which has led to an overall negative feeling about the app as a whole.

Now, that's not to say that there aren't still GREAT rooms being run on Clubhouse, because there definitely are.  I'm just saying that those kinds of rooms, which were once quite prevelant, have now become few and far between.

So if you're new to the app, or coming back, just be careful about what rooms you go into and what conversations you're a part of.  Especially if you're a business owner, because people CAN see what rooms you've been in, and now the replay feature, they can see on your profile any room you speak on stage in.

Guard your energy too.  Being around too much negativity can really be detrimental to your health, which is one of the reasons why we've scaled back our time on the app.  We prefer to spend time in spaces where we know have a positive effect on us.

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