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How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency from Scratch

digital marketers how to grow on social media how to start a digital marketing agency personal branding Nov 29, 2021

I read somewhere last week that if you're looking to leave your job and do something on your own, starting a digital marketing agency was third on the list of 10 things you could do.  It makes sense if you think about it because every business, whether they know it or not, is going to need social media services, along with other things like email marketing, a website, and so forth.

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I know that for us personally, when we started, it was really hard for us to find quality information on how to start, what services to offer, how to get leads, really the core things you'd want to know when starting a digital marketing agency.  So we wanted to create that for you, the person who's looking to possibly venture into digital marketing so that you'd have the resources that you need.

This first blog is going to go over some of the basics, a lot of which you've probably heard before, but they're called the foundational things for a reason.  If you don't get them right, it doesn't matter HOW hard you work, things will never quite you work out the way you want them to. . .unless your foundation is correct!

So step one is to pick a niche.  But you don't want to just pick any niche, you want to think about two things: who you'd want to work with long-term, and if there are any particular niches that you've had previous experience with.  If you've worked in restaurants before, that might not be a bad place to start, since you already know the landscape.

Step two is to pick who you want to work with.  Staying with the previous example, you're not going to want to work with ALL types of restaurants.  Maybe you only want to work with breakfast places or upscale restaurants.  So when choosing your target audience, try to narrow it down and define it as clearly as you can.

Step three is to make sure that you've got a website, and not just any website, a really good website.  If you're going to be selling yourself as a digital marketer, you better believe that people are going to check you out, especially via your website.  As of writing this blog, we get over 3000 hits a month to our website, which means a lot of people looking at our website, and if it wasn't up to par, we'd hear about it.

So make sure that you take the time to create a nice, clean, fast-running, branded website that is clear for your ideal audience to navigate through.

Step four is to start building your own personal brand.  I say this because there are a lot of digital marketers and digital marketing agencies out there, so it can seem really hard to stand out.  However, the easiest way to do just that is by building your own personal brand, ideally through the use of short-form video.  Only you can be you if you get what I mean.

The last thing you're going to want to do is to pick two social media platforms for your business to start out on.  We always suggest one viral platform (TikTok, Instagram) and one SEO platform (Pinterest, YouTube, Blog) that way you have a chance to grow quickly while remaining relevant long-term!

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