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How to Use Tailwind to Grow Your Pinterest Account

how to use tailwind pinterest tailwind tailwind and pinterest Dec 17, 2021

Now that we've helped you set up your Pinterest account, and that it's fully optimized and ready to go, let's talk about the one tool that we think you're going to need if you're going to be successful on Pinterest with your business long-term: and that's Tailwind!

Every social media platform has tools and resources aimed at doing a number of different things, whether it's actually creating the content, scheduling it, helping with the captions, giving you analytics, and the list goes on and on.  Well, would you like to know something crazy?  Tailwind actually does ALL of these things and MORE!

Today, I want to highlight 5 cool things I think that Tailwind does that can tremendously help your business growth on Pinterest!

If you're a video person, watch the YouTube video HERE!

The first thing that Tailwind has that no other tool like it has is something called, "Tailwind Communities."  Think of them like Facebook Groups, but better.  They are a place where people can come together under common interests and share their content within the community for others to share as they please.

You can imagine how much extra engagement this can get you for your Pinterest account!  Not only that, remember how we talked before about Pinterest liking you to share OTHER people's content as well?  Well, being a part of Tailwind Communities makes it easy, because everyone's content you need is packaged neatly into those communities, and able to share to your feed with 1-2 clicks.  Crazy right!?

The second feature we love about Tailwind is that it has a Google Chrome extension, which makes it EVEN EASIER to share other people's content to your Pinterest!  You don't even have to be ON Pinterest with the extension, simply click the icon that pops up with the content, and you can easily share content across the internet to your Pinterest.  Gamechanger!

The third feature we want to highlight is how amazing the scheduling portion of Tailwind is.  You can imagine with having to schedule 30-35 pieces of content every day, you've got to have a pretty amazing scheduler to be able to navigate all that, and Tailwind does just that!  With a full grid display, drafts, and schedule, you can easily see what content is coming up, as well as plan your content well in advance!

The fourth feature that Tailwind has that I've actually never seen before in a tool, is that it will actually guide you towards operating under the best practices of Pinterest.  If you're posting too much, it'll tell you, and visa versa, which is crazy, because I've never seen anything that does that for a particular social media platform.  What a great feature to have, always letting you know that you're adhering to the best practices, gives you the best possible chance to grow!

The last thing we want to highlight is the analytics that Tailwind gives you on its back end . . . which is to say that they are EXTENSIVE, to say the least!  They give you board scores, viral scores for each post, engagement scores, click-through rates, comparisons for any dates you want, and on the list goes!  So if you're numbers people like we are, then you're going to love Tailwind for the analytics!

Tailwind is one of the coolest and most useful social media tools we've seen come around, and if you're utilizing Pinterest for your business, think that it is a necessity to have!

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