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How We Built Our 6-Figure Brand In A Year

business advice and motivation business success how to build a 6-figure business marketing plan small business tips social media marketing agency Feb 24, 2022

This is by far the biggest question that we get asked: "How were you able to build enough audience, trust, everything, to be able to scale a 6-figure business in a year?"

So today we want to share with you 3 reasons why I think we were able to scale so quickly in our business . . .

The first reason is that we knew if we were going to scale quickly, we needed to be in more than one place.  Too many business owners (in my opinion) let their business live and die on only one platform . . . and that's Instagram.  Now don't get me wrong, Instagram is a GREAT platform and you should DEFINITELY be using it to grow your business, but it's not the ONLY platform, and it's DEFINITELY NOT the best in my opinion . . .

So we set out to diversify:

  • First was our blog (6K hits a month)
  • Then came our TikTok (100K following)
  • After that was Pinterest (1M monthly impressions)
  • Then Instagram (12K following)
  • After that came LinkedIn (10K connections)
  • Lastly, YouTube (1100 subscribers)

Now, I will say this: we didn't just jump on a platform without a plan.  You can tell by these numbers that we knew EXACTLY what we were doing and EXACTLY what we wanted to accomplish!

The second thing we did (and this is going to sound so crazy) is that we don't sell.  Don't believe me, go back and look through ALL our social media accounts, posts, etc. and you'll see that in fact, if we ever use a CTA, it's a FREE resource to enhance our audience's learning.

What that did was allow us to build an email list in a year of over 10K people, simply because we cared about them enough to share information to help them, and second, follow up with an additional resource to help them get even BIGGER transformations!

What this did is show people that we're not like other businesses online, only wanting to sell them.  In fact, we went out of our way NOT to sell, and I can't tell you how many DM's we got because of it, saying how refreshing it was to see a business that was there to ACTUALLY help.

If you read nothing else in this blog, read the following line again and again:

People already know what you do without you telling them, they're not stupid.

Yet too many business owners try to use their platforms as a constant billboard for their products and services.  Am I saying not to sell AT ALL?  No, but I am saying to take a look at how much you're selling vs. how much you're giving value and information, and really ask yourself if you're in it to help your audience, or trying to just create content as a way to sell to them.

The last thing was did was go out of our way to network with other business owners.  You needed something and we could help, we were there (and still are)!  Social currency will get you a lot further in your business than actual currency.  What this did was introduce us to so many amazing people that we got to collaborate with.

We did so many podcasts, speaking engagements, social audio interviews, guest blog appearances, etc. that for six months it felt like we were literally everywhere, and we began to get DM's saying the same!

  • "I see you guys everywhere"
  • "I just heard you on ________ podcast"
  • "I heard you speak on _________ stage"

And what that did was reinforce our authority and our credentials as business owners.  It allowed us to take our audience, offer to collaborate with people, and plug them into our audience, and they, in turn, did the same.  That is how the business came!

These are the 3 things that we really leaned into in order to scale our business so quickly, and why it's built the foundation for what will most likely be a 7-figure business this year!

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