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How We Gained Over 1,000 Leads In 30 Days On Pinterest

digital marketing agency how to grow on pinterest how to monetize pinterest how to optimize your pinterest pinterest pinterest marketing social media marketing Apr 12, 2022

My goal for this blog is a simple one: to get you to understand the power that Pinterest can have on your business as a social media platform.  Even now as I write this, I still hear people say things like, "Isn't Pinterest only for DIY?" Or my personal favorite, "My ideal client isn't on Pinterest."  Well, I can promise you two things: one, it's not just DIY, and two, your ideal client is DEFINITELY on Pinterest.

I (Michael) had literally only used Pinterest maybe twice before we started our agency, and I think it was to look up recipes.  However, as we started our agency journey and began with Instagram, and then TikTok, I started to look at Pinterest and wonder, "Why the heck are most businesses not using this platform to grow their business?"

My first thought was maybe businesses just don't do well on Pinterest . . . but I always want to test things for myself to know for sure.  So I did what I always do: a 30-day test to see if Pinterest really could help our business grow . . .

After that 30 days, I could safely say that yes, businesses can grow on Pinterest, and the results that we got personally were astounding!  I want to break down some of the numbers for you so you can see the growth potential:

  • Impressions: 871.23K
  • Saves: 465
  • Outbound Clicks: 897

Mind you, these are 30-day numbers!  After that, we went all-in on Pinterest because we knew that if we could fine-tune our strategy and content on there, we could get even better results, and as I'm writing this, I can now say that March 2022 was the best month we had for our business on Pinterest.

We didn't get the most impressions we'd ever had, but we got the most leads in a 30-day period that we'd ever gotten, and that number is 1,022 to be exact.  That's how many people saw our content on Pinterest, then clicked the link to opt-in to one of our six free resources.

That's over 1000 emails of people who saw our content, loved it, and wanted to know more about us and what we have to offer . . . and that's just from one month!  Over our 8-month journey on Pinterest, we've gotten more leads, more sales of our digital products, and more clients for our agency than we've gotten on any of the other social media platforms . . . COMBINED!

Pinterest is one of (if not the most) underutilized social media platforms, and right now is the perfect time for you to diversify and start a Pinterest.  Before you say that you don't have time, I want to tell you that you can re-purpose a lot of your old TikTok and  Instagram content there to build a solid foundation.

That's what we did the first 30 days where we got those huge numbers.  About 80% of our content was re-purposed, and then we created the other 20% of the content according to what Pinterest wants as a platform.  That's how we grew so quickly!

Not to mention how much our other platforms have grown, because Pinterest, unlike any other platform, allows you to backlink to basically whatever you want.  This meant we'd link back to our podcast, Instagram, TikTok, website, blog, you name it, we linked back to it . . . and watched them all grow!

So if you're a business owner that's been struggling to gain reach on places like Instagram, or you're simply looking for a new area to branch your business out into, then Pinterest should definitely be the place that you look!

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