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How You Can Achieve Your Business Goals THIS Year!

best social media platforms branding business coaching coach coaching consistency consulting digital marketing digital marketing agency goals planning scheduling social media marketing social media marketing agency Jan 07, 2022

It is officially the end of the first week of 2022 . . . can you believe it!?  How have you done so far when it comes to your goals and resolutions?  Unfortunately, some people have probably already forgotten about them or given up, but not you.

Because you've been hanging with us all week, so you know the 3 most important things when it comes to setting your business up for a successful year.  Today, I want to break down those three things, why they're important, and how you can implement them into your life and business for even greater success!

The first main point revolves around your goals.  And yes, everyone talks about actually having goals and writing them down, but nobody takes it that extra step further, which is asking: WHY these goals are important to me?  If something isn't really important to you, then you're not going to do it.

So it isn't just about writing your goals down every day, but writing down WHY that goal is so important to you.  For example, if your goal is to lose weight, don't just write, "I wanna lose 10lbs," write, "I wanna lose 10lbs so I can be in better shape to play with my kids."  The second one has so much power because it has a why behind it.  When you write that down every day you're much more likely to follow through because you see WHY you're doing it.

The second piece of the puzzle is to take the goals that you now have and break them down into the smallest action that you can do every single day to help you achieve that goal.  Let's use the weight loss example from before.  Going to the gym every day would be great, but that takes a lot of action and is one of the main reasons why people STOP going after 1-2 weeks.

A better plan might be to switch up one snack you eat every day from an unhealthy snack to a healthy one.  It's not a meal, so you don't have to take big action, and it will be a small change that after a week, you probably won't even notice anymore.  Then you build off that until you're doing things like replacing meals and going to the gym every day.

This brings us to the last piece of the puzzle, which is to figure out what consistency looks like for you.  Too many people think consistency means that you have to do something every single day.  And while yes, eating healthy every single day or going to the gym every day would be ideal, if you're not doing those things now, it's unrealistic to think you can just snap your fingers and start to do them.

Instead of going "all in" and burning out, try making it a goal to work out/go to the gym 2x a week for the first month.  That will be you accustomed to going again without burning you out.  Then the next month increase it to 3x, and so on.  Starting off that small may seem like you're not doing enough, but trust me, when you're still going month two when everyone else has quit, you'll understand the power of small consistent steps.

This has been our strategy for starting our years in business for 3 years now, and every year we've been able to achieve more and more of the goals that we set for ourselves.  We're able to do this simply because we keep our goals in front of us every day, we have a daily plan for how to get there, and we're consistent, day in and day out, we show up to make sure that the action is put towards our goals.  It's that simple!

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