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What You Need to Know About Instagram's New Update 2022!

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Unless you found some way to avoid the news (kudos to you), then you're probably aware that the president of Instagram made a huge update last week!  Without going into too much detail, he said one line that has people in a frenzy.  He said, "Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app."  This isn't really news to anyone, except for the fact that people are forgetting the word, "just" in there and are taking it to mean, "Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app."  So I thought on today's blog this would be a perfect topic to discuss, as well as what you should do to get ready for when this pending update eventually rolls out.

A lot of people are misconstruing what he said, and taking it to mean that Instagram will no longer support photos.  They think that Instagram will begin to look more and more like TikTok, focusing 100% on video.  While that might be true, nothing he said in his announcement would lead anyone to believe this, because of his use of the word, "just."

Instagram was smart to make that announcement, because the landscape of social media is changing, with more platforms favoring video content over anything else.  This announcement is just Instagram stating this, and their devotion to making sure their platform creates a place where creators can showcase their talent when it comes to video.  Photos will always be a core part of Instagram . . . the way you use them, however, might change.

Since single photo posts get some of the worst engagement according to Instagram's algorithm, people are finding new ways to utilize photos, such as carousel posts, which are getting some of the best engagement right now.  At the end of the day, it comes down to what type of content does your audience resonates with, and how can video either be the main part of that content or complement your already existing content.

No matter how popular video content gets, photos are not going anywhere, especially on Instagram, an app that started as just that, a photo-sharing app.  It can be easy to hear an update and think that you need to change your entire strategy when in actuality, 1-2 tiny changes are probably what's best needed.

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