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Is Pinterest A Good Platform For Your Business - 3 Thoughts

pinterest seo social media marketing Aug 04, 2022

Let’s face it: most business owners use Instagram as their main social media platform, and right now, that’s probably causing them a lot of stress.  Instagram makes a change that nobody wants, there’s a backlash, so they change it back, but not completely, and the cycle goes on and on.

Being a business owner on Instagram right now could cause a person to lose their mind, which is leading people to ask the question: “Should I be exploring other social media platforms for my business?”  One of those platforms that people are wondering about is Pinterest, which has been around for a long time but is now in my opinion starting to gain traction as a business platform.

Today, I want to give you 3 things to think about when it comes to Pinterest and why I believe it should be a part of every business's social media marketing plan.  From there, it’s on you to decide if it’s right for you.  No matter what you decide to do, I will say this: if your only social media marketing platform is Instagram, you NEED to think about diversifying, and doing it as soon as possible. The first thing to think about when it comes to Pinterest is realizing that unlike platforms like Instagram, Pinterest was built to be an SEO (search engine optimization) platform.  This means that it will be much easier for your business to come up if people are searching for keywords related to your industry than on places like Instagram.

Why is search so important?  Well, let me give you a fact that might blow your mind.  On average, people throughout the world use search 5.6 billion times a day . . . A DAY!  Not per week, not per month, or per year, but PER DAY!  That’s a lot of people searching for things, and wouldn’t it be nice for them to be able to find you and your business?

 The second thing to think about is platforms are giving less and less reach to things like still posts (quotes, infographics, carousels) and photos.  However, Pinterest at its core is a visual search engine platform, meaning it doesn’t just bring up searches for words, but also for photos.

 This can help you tremendously if you’re someone frustrated with say, Instagram and their lack of reach on your photos.  Businesses like photography and art do so well on Pinterest, because not only can they take advantage of search through the wording, but also through the work they create.  So if you’re a business that likes to post pictures and other posts, then Pinterest is definitely a platform you should look into.

 Lastly, this may seem counterintuitive to the last point I made, but Pinterest is one of the best platforms for short-form videos.  You’re probably thinking, “No, Michael, TikTok is.”  If you’re thinking that, you’d actually be wrong.

Yes, TikTok may be the best platform if you’re looking to go “viral,” but if you’re looking to build a business, here’s why Pinterest is better for short-form video, and it’s the same as we talked about before, and that’s its SEO capabilities.  Did you know that we’re getting thousands of views each day on our Idea Pins that are over a year old? 

Now let me ask you: do you have any old TikTok’s or Instagram Reels from a year ago that are still getting reach and engagement?  The answer is no because that’s not how those platforms are built . . . but that’s how Pinterest is built.  Pinterest Idea Pins allow you to continue to get traffic for months and years as long as you use the correct keywords related to your post. 

These are just a few of the reasons why we’re so big on Pinterest.  We’ve seen firsthand what it can do for us, our business, and the other businesses' Pinterest accounts that we run.  We have a client who makes multiple 6-figures off JUST Pinterest, simply because she makes great, searchable content that continues to get traffic for a long time (just for reference, she gets 3.6M monthly views on her profile). 

Don’t just rely on one platform like Instagram, but rather, think about diversifying, and when you do, take a good, hard look at Pinterest and ask yourself: what kind of business results could I get if I had consistent traffic to my content for years?

If you're thinking about diversifying your social media marketing strategy, let's hop on a call, and we can help you navigate what that would look like for your business!

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