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Is Your Social Media Content The Same As Every Other Business?

content creation marketing personal branding social media Jun 02, 2022

I don't know if you've started to notice the same thing as me, but it seems like every time I get on social media, whether it's Instagram, Pinterest, or any other platform really, it seems that I'm seeing the SAME content shared over and over again . . .

So why is this a bad thing?  Well, the average person spends 1-3 hours on social media every day.  I only spend about 30 minutes on social media every day.  So if I'm seeing the same content over and over, you can bet that your ideal client is seeing the same content 4x more than I am.

Why is this a problem?  It's a problem because when your ideal client sees you posting the exact same content as 50 other people that do what you do, it decreases your authority and credibility, and makes it very unlikely that they'll want to do business with you . . .

Why?  Because they don't want the same feeling as 50 other people, they want to feel unique and different.  They want to see that you have something different to offer than those other 50 people, or else you're going to be forced to hope they choose you based on price . . . which is a recipe for disaster.

So today, I want to give you the one reason why I think most people's content has started looking the same, what you can do to ensure you create content that looks different, and finally how to implement this on your social media profiles and market it in a way that allows people to see you're different.

So let's talk about WHY people's content is all looking the same.  Well, common sense says that what goes in, comes out.  And in this case, it's coming out as the content you're creating.  The reason your content is looking the same as everyone else's is because you're not putting new concepts, content, and ideas into your brain, so the same thing is repeatedly coming back out . . . which usually comes in the form of outdated trends or content that is information but really doesn't help people DO anything with it.

The reason our content looks different than anyone else's is that we take the time (1-3 hours every day to be exact) to study new trends, read books, research blogs, and find information that no one is talking about out there.  We also run tests on our clients and our accounts to be able to give firsthand knowledge of what we're doing that's working.  Lastly, we create a lot of personally branded content, because no matter what type of information we're sharing, there can only be ONE Michael and Jill . . . okay there's two of us, but you get my point lol.

So the first thing you need to do is set aside time every day for your ongoing learning.  There are so many different options out there for learning but I'll list a bunch here to give you some ideas:

  • Social media content
  • YouTube videos
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Books
  • Seminars

Now, these are just a few of the many different places you can learn about your industry and get trends/updates but pick which ones interest you the most because those are the ones that you'll end up sticking with.

The next thing you're going to need is a notebook and pen to jot down anything that the people are saying or anything that gives you an idea.  I can't tell you how many notes I come up with simply by listening to a 15-minute podcast.  You don't want to rely on your brain to remember everything you read and hear, because we simply see too many messages every day for that to be realistic.

Now, when I say write down notes, I DON'T mean copy other people's content, I mean make a notation of something they said, a topic they discussed, or an idea for your own content that comes to mind from what you're reading or listening to.  If you just carbon copy their content you're simply doing the same thing as before, and as we talked about, you want to be different!

Now that you're learning something new every day, and you've got notes of what you're learning, it's time to turn all that hard work into the content.  You no doubt will have ideas based on the notes you have, which is great!  The last thing you're going to want to do is to inject your brand and personality into the content . . .

Like I was saying earlier, there can be only one (well two) Michael and Jill, and by the same token, there can only be one YOU.  So taking this new information and injecting your personality into it ensures that your content is not only refreshing and new but that it is unique and cannot be replicated.

This is why having a strong personal brand is so important . . . because even if people do try to copy your content, it won't land the same because you can't copy another person's personality.  Trust me, people have tried to copy our content (all the time, actually) and it never lands the same way ours does, and they probably sit there wondering why . . .

It's because our content is us.  Yes, it's information, but it's WHO WE ARE, and that can never be replicated.

Your mission: to choose what formats of learning you would like to use every day, and then begin to make this a habit.  Even if you take 10 minutes every day to listen to a podcast or watch a YouTube video, you'll be surprised at just how many ideas you'll get for your own content.

But remember, always add your own personal branding final touches to the end to ensure your content stands out uniquely as you!

If you have any questions about how we do this, how you can do this yourself, or if you'd like us to personally help you do this, you can always reach out to us on Instagram @michaelandjill and we'd be happy to help you out!