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Let's Build A Customer Journey Together For Your Ideal Client

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I know that on Tuesday, we talked about what it would look like to hypothetically build out a customer journey for you and your ideal client.  The reason we build customer journey roadmaps is so that we help the people we serve get the absolute best possible result because the steps they are taking making sense in the grand scheme of things . . .

So I thought today we would build out a hypothetical customer journey we would send someone on that was looking to hire us as their digital marketing agency, in hopes that by seeing it in action, you can start to develop your own journey for your customers/clients in your own business!

So like we were saying on Tuesday, the first step is to begin with the end in mind so in this case, let's use them hiring us as their "digital marketing agency" as the end goal in mind because we know that we are the best possible option for the audience we are walking through this customer journey.

Now that we know exactly what we want the end result to be, we can start to brainstorm all of the other steps we'll need in order to help them reach that end result/conclusion . . .

  • Writing emails that speak to their problem
  • Getting them on a call to discuss their pain points
  • Introducing them to our brand through content
  • Getting them FREE resources to build trust & get wins
  • Writing nurturing content (i.e. blogs, social media content, etc.)

For the sake of time, let's say these are the 5 main steps I want to take my ideal client on as far as their journey (I could add more steps, but if I did, we'd be here all day lol).  Now that we have the steps, it's time to figure out what the order will be in reverse and what each step will look like . . .

So the "1st step" (before the end result) would be to get them on a call to discuss their pain points.  So what I'd want to do is figure out first what that call would look like?  What questions would I ask them?  How would I allow them to get to know us?  How do I show them that we're the best fit for their needs?

Next, I have to figure out, "Okay, how am I going to get them on this call?  Where am I going to promote this?"  So maybe I have a call-to-action at the end of an email I put out to my list of people who've been on there for more than 3 months, saying something like:

"If you're a business owner that's thinking about hiring a marketing agency, we've actually got 2 open slots for calls this week to see if we're a good fit."  This means that they're already on our email list, which means that we've been providing them with valuable content for months, as well as giving them a chance to get to know us as people.

So since they're seeing this message about booking a call from our email blast, a great step before that would be the "writing emails that speak to their problems."  The more knowledgeable we can be about their problems AND what we'd do to fix them (NOT the how), then they start to see us as authorities in our space, which starts to build belief inside them that we are the person to help them with the thing they've been struggling with.

So maybe their main issue is landing clients through social media . . . so I'd talk about what it looks like to create content that sells your product through social media.  I've given tips, examples, and even additional resources, all in hopes of showing that person that I understand their problem, but more importantly, I've got the knowledge and expertise to actually solve it.

Which means that getting them additional resources would be next . . .

Then writing nurturing content . . .

And finally, introducing them to our brand through introductory content.

Does that make sense?  So now you've seen that I started at the end (with them hiring us) and worked our way back till we arrived at the beginning (their pain point).  Obviously, this was a simplified version, and yours should be more extensive, but hopefully, this gives you a real-time example of what this looks like, so when you go to build your own, you've got a blueprint to follow!

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