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Let's Talk About Social Media Consistency For Your Business

Mar 31, 2022

Where do I even begin?  This has been a hot topic for years when it comes to businesses and social media . . . some people say that you should be posting every single day to bring about more awareness for your business, whereas other people say that it's not important how much you post, but rather how good your quality is . . .

So today, I want to give you our opinion, once and for all, about where we stand when it comes to the whole social media consistency thing . . .

And that is we believe you should be posting AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, on AS MANY PLATFORMS as you possibly can.  Now before we get into it, I want to explain why we feel this way.

Let's use Instagram as an example.  Say you and I both own a candle store (why not), and we're both on Instagram, and we both have the same target audience.  Now let's say both of our posting schedules will be as follows:

  • I'll post 2x/day, posting a reel in the morning and educational content nightly
  • You'll post 3x/week, posting 2 reels and one educational post

This will have meant that I've posted 14 times over the course of a week, and you've posted 3 times . . . who do you think is going to "win" for their business on social media?  And before you say, "Isn't it about quality?"  I'll tell you that yes, yes it is, but how do you expect to create quality if you never create quantity?

Quantity precedes quality, every time.

Now don't get me wrong, is posting 3x a week a good place to start if you're just getting going on social media and business?  Absolutely!  But that posting schedule should never be the ultimate goal.  Your ultimate goal should be to post AT LEAST one good piece of content every single day that either:

  • enhances your relationship with your audience
  • educates them on the topic you have expertise in

As you start creating more and more content, you'll start to notice your content getting better on its own.  It's like anything: do more of it, and you'll find yourself getting better.  But if you don't produce, you'll never get better!

This is where we see most business owners stuck.  They produce a couple of pieces of content a week, and honestly, it's not very good because they haven't taken the time to build up consistency and get better at the quality.  They haven't built up their content creation muscle . . . and that would be my homework for you.

To start creating more content, for whatever main social media platform you use for your business!  Because I can promise you there is another person in your niche who IS creating daily content, and they're the ones getting the bulk of the audience and sales because they consistently show up.

It's like a relationship: you wouldn't show up for your significant other 3 days a week, then tell them the other 4 days you may or may not be available . . . they'd probably end things pretty quickly!  You'd show up every single day for them, so you need to show up for your community in that same way, and start to take your business a little more seriously.

Social media marketing is completely FREE, yet most business owners treat it as though it's a chore, or a hassle, when you're literally holding the keys to a million dollar business in your hand . . . start taking advantage of it!

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