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The 3 Instagram Secrets That You Need to Know About In 2022

how to grow on instagram how to grow on social media instagram instagram reels instagram tips social media growth social media marketing Jun 01, 2021

Who's ready to talk about ALL things Instagram???  I hope so because Instagram has been rolling out some game-changing features over the past 1-2 months that you need to know about.  Today I'm going to give you the 3 newest features Instagram has rolled out that you need to know about!

The first feature is that we FINALLY have insights for Instagram reels!  For people that have been on TikTok, the insights will come as no surprise to you and are pretty straightforward.  For those that aren't on TikTok, let me explain a couple of insights that you'll want to pay attention to.

The first is accounts reached vs. plays.  As of now, Instagram hasn't officially said what it considers a "play" according to watch time, but it is a stat that is interesting to look at.  How many people see your video vs. how many people watch it.  This can give you valuable information when it comes to your thumbnail.

The second metric you really want to pay attention to, the most actually, is the shares and saves you receive on a reel.  The more people save and the more they share with their friends means more algorithm favor for you.

The main reason why having insights is so great is now you actually can see what's working and what's not.  Now you can look back through old reels, see which ones did well, why, and repeat that process.

The second feature is going live with up to four people.  No, this isn't new news, BUT, having now tested going live with 4 people multiple times, we can definitely tell you there are a ton of benefits to doing it. 

The first is that by plugging into other people's audiences, you will definitely notice your following grow, and quickly.  Every time we have gone live with 4 people, we have gained anywhere from 25-200 followers every single time.  Right now, this is one of the best ways to grow on Instagram in my opinion. 

Even better, if you can do lives with people who have bigger audiences than you.  That just gives you more people to plug into, and in turn, helps you build a bigger network.  You can go live with people in your industry or even people that compliment what you do.  The main thing is to go live for at least 30 minutes to allow for the algorithm to fully push out the fact that you are live.

The last thing is more of a secret and less of a feature.  There was some very juicy information leaked this past week about Instagram carousels.  The information said that Instagram favors carousels that either have 3 slides or 10 slides in total.  THIS IS HUGE!

We knew a TON of people doing 5 and 6 slide carousels, only come to find out that they are actually creating content that is hurting their engagement!  Carousels get the best reach on Instagram right now, even more than reels, but you HAVE to know how to utilize them to their best practices.

Two features and one secret, not bad huh?  Instagram has been busy, and we're always here to bring you the latest and greatest from all things social media.

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