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The 4 Types of Social Media Content to Post for YOUR Audience

best social media platforms content creation content marketing content tips content types digital marketing digital marketing agency social media content Dec 22, 2021

Social media is a great place to get exposure for you and your business.  The best part about it is that it is free if you want it to be.  That also can seem like the bad part as well, because that brings about more competition, which means it can seem harder for you and your business to stand out.  Well, today we're going to fix that by teaching you the four types of content you can start posting across your social media accounts that will connect with different types of people.  This will then help you increase your exposure for your business!

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The first type of content you can create for your audience is entertaining content.  Think TikTok, comedy, etc.  This is one of the BEST types of content because if people are entertained, they keep watching.  Case and point: TikTok.  The average person spends 56 minutes a day on TikTok . . . an hour a day!  Why do they do this?  Because the content is keeping them entertained!

When creating content like this, think about some ways you can incorporate entertainment into your brand.  With short-form video being so popular, think of some funny ways you can showcase your products, show your life, etc.

The second type of content you can create is content like this, which is educational.  Whether you're teaching people how to do something, like we're doing here, or you have a product and you're trying to teach people how to use it, educational content is some of the most searched for content out there.

Educational content is great because it is content that stands the test of time.  Entertaining content comes and goes because it's usually based around trends, but educational content is meant to be evergreen, which means that one year, 2 years, even sometimes 5 years from now, that content will STILL be relevant.

The third type of content you can create for your audience is emotional content, and this is the type of content that has resonated with our audience the most!  Emotional content stirs up feelings in people and can make them feel a wide array of different ways.  I think the reason why emotional content is so powerful is that when connecting with someone on an emotional level, it is so much more of a connection than if they see funny content, in my opinion.

The last type of content is engaging content.  This type of content is great for virality, you just have to take the good with the bad . . . let me explain.  Engaging content is meant to get people talking, especially in the comments, in hopes of it creating a debate.  Debates can be good and bad because some people can argue respectfully, but I'm sure you know people that can't.

This can lead people to say mean things in comments, and create drama.  If you're okay with that and it doesn't bother you, awesome!  If it does, I might suggest staying away from this type of content, because it definitely has the tendency to attract trolls looking to be mean for no reason.

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