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You're Focusing On the Wrong Metrics

content creation digital marketing digital marketing agency how to grow on social media social media social media manager social media marketing Aug 03, 2021

When you're looking for someone to help you with your business, whether it be a digital marketing agency, freelancer, or anyone else, what are you hoping they accomplish?  The truth is, what people SAY their goal is for business, and what they actually end up caring about are two completely different things.

The goals of content and of business should be something to do with the following: making an impact, creating change, building family wealth.  What it shouldn't be about is: getting more likes, amassing more followers, etc. because here's a little secret:

Followers don't equal income.  We know plenty of people with huge social media followings that barely make any money . . . how is that possible?  It's because they focused all their time and efforts on the wrong metrics.

It can be so easy to think that more followers equal more money for your business.  It makes total sense right?  The more eyeballs on your profile, the more possibility of people buying?  The thing that people don't mention is that if they're not the RIGHT person, they won't just buy (terrible English lol) but it also hurts your algorithm, and your Instagram (or other social platforms) then becomes a miss-mosh of randomness.

Don't let this be you!  Focus on the metrics that matter: comments, leads, conversions, the things that actually move your business forward.  How you can do this is by focusing on creating high-value, NICHE-SPECIFIC content for your ideal audience.  The more niche-specific your content is, the more specific person it will attract, and the more people it will repel that it's supposed to.

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