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The Three Types Of Content That Every Business Owner Needs To Be Creating

content marketing educational content personal branding seo social media marketing agency May 05, 2022

When we sit down to come up with our content, we always make sure that the content we're creating covers the three areas that we're going to talk about today.  Because when you're creating content in all three of these areas, you're creating the perfect blend of content that you need to attract your ideal client, therefore getting them to purchase your products/services, but you're also creating content for them.

The reason being is that people prefer to consume content in different ways, and by creating these three, you're ensuring that every audience member is receiving content in a way that's best for them.  So let's talk about these three content types . . .

The first is what we like to call, "Solution-Based Content," or what a lot of people like as educational content.  Whatever you want to call it, you MUST have content on your social media accounts that shows HOW you or your product/service makes people's lives better.

Remember, you want to focus on the change that it will create in their life/business, NOT the features.  The features are simply the icing on top of the cake that is the change they'll experience.

Another thing you want to remember is that educational content isn't just information or tips people can't do anything with.  When you give people information, you have to then take it a step further and tell people HOW to take this information and apply it to their lives/business to see results.

A lot of people differ when it comes to how much of the "how" you should give people.  Some people think that you should charge for the "how," and you definitely can.  Because we provide a service, we lean towards offering more of the "how," because in the end, most people just end up hiring us to implement everything.

That decision is completely up to you and what you're comfortable with.

The second type of content you're going to want to be creating is "Personal Content."  This can be anything from TikTok's about your personal life to behind-the-scenes Instagram stories.  There is no shortage of ways that you can create personal content.

The reason WHY personal content is becoming more and more important is that people want to know WHO they're doing business with, and who they're buying their products from.  We've come to a point where we realize that most people have the same information, but that the difference comes down to the experience, and WHO creates that experience for us.

In a nutshell: people want to buy from people they like and they feel like they know.  Personal content gives them a chance to get to see you and your personality.  You may think that doesn't matter much, but I can tell you as someone who built a multiple 6-figure business in under a year, it matters A LOT MORE than you think . . .


The last type of content you're going to want to create is what we call, "SEO Content."  Think of SEO content like this: it's content that will live on for a long time.  There are a bunch of different ways that you can accomplish this:

  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Podcasting

Just to name a few.  By focusing on SEO content, you're ensuring two things: first, you're creating the most efficient content you possibly can, because it will be seen longer than on other places like Instagram.  Second, you're building authority by showing up in search and building up things like your domain/website scores.

SEO content will be the reason that you get ongoing business for your products and services because when you come up on page 1 of someone's search, they're going to check you out, and that's a fact.  SEO content ensures that your business is going to continue to grow for years to come.

All of these types of content resonate with your audience in different ways, and each type of content helps your business in some way.  However, they only work if you're creating all three types to ensure that your business is consistently growing, gaining leads, and creating sales to ensure maximum expansion!