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The Top 3 Branding Mistakes Your Business COULD Be Making

brand branding business advice and motivation how to build a personal brand personal branding small business tips Feb 15, 2022

Did you know that more people quit their jobs in 2021 than ever before?  This is great for them, but it leaves you with the problem of figuring out how to help your brand stand out amongst all the new competition . . .

That is why branding, now more than ever, will be important, especially personal branding.  When we sit down with a client to do their branding/re-branding, we notice that there are some common mistakes that business owners make.  Today, we're talking about the top 3 mistakes we see business owners make when it comes to their branding!

The first mistake that a lot of businesses and business owners make is that they are trying to talk to everyone instead of figuring out the messaging to talk to that "perfect someone."

I understand it can be tempting to market to everyone, because you think, "Well if I do that, then it's more people seeing my product/service which means more people will buy."  That's a logical assumption, but it's actually incorrect, and here's why.

When people who don't care about your content are now going to see it, which means they're not going to be happy, why would they be?  Your content is something they're NOT interested in, but you've put it in front of them hoping for what: changing their mind?

A better way would be to draw up an ideal client avatar and figure out the perfect ideal client for your product/service, then market it to that EXACT person online.  Yes, the numbers will be smaller as far as the total number of people who see your content, but your conversion rates will be a lot higher . . .

Remember: social media isn't about gaining followers, it's about scaling your business.

The second mistake is that you're not: figuring out what makes your business different, AND, you're not letting your customers know these differences by creating content and marketing that showcases it.  Did you know that 2021 was known as, "The Big Quit?"

More people than ever before quit their jobs in search of their dreams!

This is great for them but leaves you with figuring out how to stand out online in now what seems like a crowded market.  This is why video and personal branding are so important!  Too many people try to stand out by adding more and more value, but the information you're delivering people can be shared by anyone . . . so it's not really helping you stand out, is it?

A better way would be to lean into YOU and showcase yourself in conjunction WITH your brand, that way people get to experience emotions when they interact with your brand.

The third mistake that most brands are making online is that they're not being consistent.  Yes, I said it: consistency.  I told myself that I would stop talking about consistency when I went through an entire day on Instagram without seeing a business be inconsistent . . .

As you guessed it, I'm still waiting!  Let me put it to you this way: could you imagine being INCONSISTENT in say a friendship . . . or a relationship even?  Well, that's what you have with your audience and that's EXACTLY what you do when you're not consistent in showing up for them.

Just like being open if you have a storefront when you say you're going to be open, showing up online for your business means consistently adding value, interacting with your audience, and showcasing your business and why you're a good fit for them.  Consistency doesn't mean every day, but it does mean figuring out a schedule and making sure that you follow through . . . because your business depends on it.

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