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5 Steps to Grow 1,000 Followers a Day on TikTok

digital marketing social media social media growth social media strategy tiktok tiktok growth Mar 02, 2021
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Growing on social media doesn't have to be hard, and TikTok is no different.  Still enjoying its "infancy" stage of social media status, the potential to use TikTok for your business is something that cannot be ignored.

With the ability to funnel your TikTok following to other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, TikTok not only has the potential to grow your social media following but also build you a nice business online.

So how does one do it?  How does someone grow 1,000 followers every single day on TikTok?  I'm going to give you my 5 steps that will have you on your way to TikTok growth!

The first step is to decide what type of content you want to create.  Sounds simple enough, but you want to be AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE when it comes to TikTok.  For example, we are a couple.  We make TikTok's about being a couple, but not just any general ones.  We make funny couples TikTok videos.  That is our "niche."  This lets TikTok's algorithm know who we are and who to serve our content up to.

If this isn't done right, nothing else will matter.  Make it a decision to decide first and foremost what type of content you're going to make and who it is for.

The second step is to find people on TikTok that are already in your "niche" and growing.  You want to take a look at their content and see what is doing well.  This does NOT mean copy them, but TikTok does reward content that has already been shown to do well in the past.  This means that if you model your content after viral content (with your own twist), TikTok will view that content more positively than the content it does not recognize.

Third, you want to make sure to post as often as possible, especially at the beginning.  4-6 times is ideal, but consistency is key more than anything else, so if you can only do 3x a day, then stick with that.  The more times you post, the more chances you have at a video going viral.  Use your drafts to save videos and caption them ahead of time, that way you can stay ahead of recording.

The fourth step is hashtags.  Do they matter?  Yes . . . and no.  No doubt you've seen viral TikTok's with hashtags, but also ones without any hashtags.  So that begs the question: do they actually matter?

They do . . . especially at the beginning.  When you're starting out, you want to use small, niche-specific hashtags.  This gives your videos a greater chance of being seen than using hashtags like "FYP" and "viral".  If you're under 10,000 followers, I'd suggest sticking with hashtags that are under 100K.  As your following goes, so will your hashtags.  Just always make sure that they are specific to the type of content you're creating.

The fifth step is to make sure to go live as often and as possible as you can.  You can't go live until you hit 1,000 followers, but if you're posting 4-6x a day with trending content, hitting 1,000 should happen within a week at most.

We gain anywhere from 100-500 followers every single time we go live, and TikTok live is still a very underutilized function.  Going live also allows you to build a connection with your audience and allow them to get a peek into your everyday life.

And there you have it!  These are the literal 5 steps that we took to grow 1000 followers on TikTok every single day!

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