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What Digital Marketing Services You Can Offer for Your Agency

digital marketers digital marketing digital marketing agency social media marketing social media marketing agency Dec 01, 2021

After you've picked your foundational stuff, like your niche and ideal audience, you're then going to want to hone in on what specific types of services you're going to want to offer for your digital marketing agency.  I break them down in order from what I would offer first, to what I would offer last (just my opinion 😊).

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The first thing, and probably the easiest thing, you can offer is social media services.  Chances are you've at least used social media before, so teaching yourself how to run other people's social media can be learned.  The main thing you want to do is focus on platforms you know and that you KNOW you can get the person results in.

Nothing is worse than getting bad reviews right out of the gate!

After social media services, you can offer blogging services.  This is a really easy sell for any business because of the SEO that having a blog can have for a business, especially locally.  Writing blogs can be very easy, and a great way to get a client in the door, then offer them other services they need down the road.

After blogging, I would think about offering email/SMS marketing for your agency.  Emails are relatively simple, as they are more about building relationships and community than teaching anything too technical, plus most businesses typically only send out one email a week.

Again, this is a great service to offer if you're getting started because it allows you to make money, while you're learning the other technical skills/services that you can charge more for later on down the line.

Now we start getting into the more technical side of things, the first being website design.  If you've never built a website before, I would highly suggest not offering this as a service, at least until you've had time to learn and practice on your own.

Building a website from a template can be hard enough on a platform like Squarespace and Shopify, but coding is a whole different story!  My suggestion would be to make a connection early on that you can outsource this service if you happen to come across someone needing a website done.

Next up on our list is branding.  Branding is way down here for one specific reason: it isn't just about the colors, logos, and fonts you create for a business . . . it is so much more than that.

You have to be able to convey the values, the vision, and the voice of an entire brand through these things, and if that isn't something that you've done before, you probably have no business doing it now.  This would be something to learn while you're offering the other services.

Next up we have funnel building, and as someone who's built a 13-step funnel before, you're not going to want to touch these unless you've built them and built them successfully before.

There's the graphics, the video, the copy, the upsell, the bumper offer, the down-sell, where you place everything, the list goes, and on and on.  This would be another service I would outsource until you teach yourself and feel comfortable offering it.

The lasts of the services on the list are ads, specifically Facebook/Instagram/Google ads.  People are not only going to be investing in you to run the ads, but the money it costs to run the ads themselves.

This means that if you don't know what you're doing, you've lost your customer money TWICE!  This will be the easiest way to crush your digital marketing agency before it starts . . . offering things that you're not experienced in.

We took a course and learned from a very well-known ads expert on YouTube, but we didn't offer ads for almost a year while we were learning and running our own, to ensure that when it came time to run them for clients, we could get them the results we were promising them.

So there you have it!  That is the order of which services we would offer if we had to start all over again!

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