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Why Branding Is So Important for Your Business

brand branding business advice and motivation how to build a personal brand personal brand personal branding small business small business tips Feb 22, 2022

If you're a business owner, you've no doubt heard of branding, seen posts on social media about branding, and I'm sure even had branding done for your business, whether it was by you or a professional . . . but maybe no one has broken down for you the one main reason WHY branding is so important.

So that's what I want to do today, keep the blog simple, and talk about why your branding is more important than you might think . . .

Branding is so many things!  Yes, it's your logo, colors, and fonts, but it's also your values, your messaging, and your vision for your business.  These last three are the ones that I want to focus on today.

When you're creating your brand's values, message, and mission, you're basically creating a foundation that says, "Hey, if you value the same things our business does and what we're doing, then we'd love for you to join us!"  This allows people to find their "people" within social media and online.

Sounds simple enough right?  Then why do so many businesses fail to have a raving audience of the people that place the same emphasis on the things they do?  It's because they're either: not leaning into those things that make them different and that people can resonate with, OR, the foundations across various platforms aren't cohesive and don't match up.

Let's talk about the first one: not leaning into your brand's values, vision, and messaging.  In a world where business owners are crying out, trying to figure out how to be different, you've got the difference RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!  Yes, you may sell clothing like other brands, but maybe your values and vision are completely different than anyone else doing it out there . . . IF SO, WHY ARE YOU NOT TALKING ABOUT IT?

If you're eco-conscious, tell people!  If you donate part of your profits to a charity that's close to your heart because of past experience, SHARE IT!  These are the things that people connect to more than anything else!  Yeah, your clothing may be nice, and of great quality, but so is everyone else's (or at least that's what they're saying), so you need to be able to lean into something different, and that's your story, that's who YOU are.

Now let's talk about the second one because this is where most people miss the ball when it comes to branding their business . . .

If you've followed us for a while, then you know I'm a FIRM BELIEVER that if you're only using Instagram for your business when it comes to social media, you're going to be in trouble in the future.  That being said, when you migrate to these other platforms and start expanding your reach online, it's important that you never forget the core and foundational things that helped you in the first place.  Those things are:

  • brand cohesiveness
  • clear messaging
  • conveying your differences

Business owners have a tendency to shift their messaging and their brand to try and fit the platform they're integrating into, instead of the other way around.  And I understand why people do this, it's because they think that the same message on Instagram won't work on TikTok because the audience is different . . . but that's the WRONG thinking . . .

Because your audience is NEVER different . . . it's just the platform that is.  Because I'm going to tell you right now that if your ideal audience is a woman in her 30's that loves basically anything, she's going to be on EVERY platform.  That's what so many business owners miss:

You don't have to change who you are or who you target on different platforms, because no matter what platform you choose to go on, you WILL have an ideal audience there . . . because your ideal audience is everywhere!

When things aren't cohesive, your messaging sounds different across multiple platforms, or you as a person seem to change, these all create doubt in your audience's mind. . .

And a mind in doubt will NEVER buy because they don't know what they're getting.  So make sure that you're keeping your messaging clear and similar across all your marketing and social media platforms, ensuring enhanced trust and authority within your target demographic!

Remember: your audience IS everywhere, and they will connect with you as long as you're open and share WHY they should connect with you, so give them a reason to!

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