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Why Every Business Should Be On Pinterest

how to grow on pinterest how to optimize your pinterest organic search organic traffic pinterest business help pinterest strategy pinterest tips seo Mar 24, 2022

Now before you say, "I know that my ideal audience isn't on Pinterest," let me explain.  Did you know that Pinterest is actually the number 3 search engine behind Google and YouTube?  Did you also know that when you post content, Pinterest has the longest shelf-life out of ANY other social media platform (it's 4 months if you're wondering)?

Still not convinced?  Well, let me tell you that the reason your business should be on Pinterest isn't even for business at all, but rather for what Pinterest can do for the SEO of your business.

First, let's start with the obvious: Pinterest is the ONLY social media platform that will let you put a link with every post.  EVERY POST!  This means you can link all your website pages, all your blogs, all your other social media content from Instagram, TikTok, etc.  

This and this alone should be reason enough for you to start taking Pinterest more seriously.  If you're creating consistent content then you've got 100's, maybe even 1000's of links to all your products and resources . . . all waiting for people to click.

 The second reason why Pinterest is so much better than any other social media platform is that unlike places like Instagram, where you search for people, Pinterest is an actual search engine, so it's set up for you to search for everything, including products and services.

This makes finding you A LOT easier than on somewhere like TikTok or Instagram, which don't really have a lot of search capability.  Unless someone knows your name on those platforms, you're sort of just hoping they find you by chance.  Pinterest, however, people can search, "Dog toys," and your products have a chance of coming up!

The last reason I say every business should be on Pinterest is that it's the easiest SEO platform to add to your arsenal.  We're on YouTube, and let me tell you, that takes a lot of work!  Even blogging can sometimes seem stressful, but Pinterest is easy because:

  • You're using content you've ALREADY made
  • Same with the captions
  • And you already have the links

All you have to do is copy/paste, choose a board, and post.  It really is that simple!  Start with 1-2 a day, and start to increase that as you build up your Pinterest muscles!  Will you see a huge difference in a day?  Probably not, but wait 3 months, 6 months, even a year from now, and you'll be grateful you started Pinterest when you did!

Hopefully, this gave you some reasons to look at Pinterest as a platform for your business!  We're so passionate about Pinterest because we've seen firsthand what it can do for your marketing, website, and sales for your business.  So at least give it a try, and see what comes from it!

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