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Why Social Media Is The Best Tool For Your Business

branding digital marketing agency how to 10x your instagram growth how to grow on pinterest how to use social media for business linkedin personal branding small business tips social media marketing tiktok youtube Mar 29, 2022

For the next 4 weeks, we're dedicating our entire social media profiles and marketing messages to talk about one thing: social media, and how YOU can leverage it to build a big business for yourself.  We are literally walking testaments to this, because three years ago when we started our business, we had no money, no audience, and no leads . . . fast-forward 3 years later, and we're on course to hit over $600K in sales this year, we have massive audiences across MOST social media platforms, and we have leads coming in daily of people wanting to work with us . . .

How is this possible in such a short amount of time?  Social media.

Social media (in my opinion), is the lottery ticket that everyone is sitting on, they are either: too scared to cash it in, or they don't even know they've got the winning ticket, so they're not sure what to do with it.  But we want to fix that, so today I wanted to lay the groundwork and talk to you about WHY social media is so important for your business because if you don't understand the "WHY" behind everything, then nothing else we talk about is really going to matter . . . so let's dive in!

So first off: why is social media so important!?  Well for one, over 70% of consumers now say they check out at least one of the company's social media profiles before ever making a purchase . . . 70%!  That means if you're not on social media then you're losing 7/10 sales you could have had every time.  That right there is enough to cripple your business because you won't survive long off the scraps of other people in your industry.

Let me hit you really quick with some other crazy stats . . . did you know that approximately 60% of the population use social media every day, and the average amount of time spent on social media is 2 1/2 hours a day!?  I rest my case as far as WHY social media is important.  If you've paid attention over the last 5 years, you'd know that social media is becoming a BIGGER part of our lives, not a smaller one, and if you can't figure out a way to take advantage, your business is going to get left behind in a bad way.

So now that you understand the WHY behind social media, let's talk about three key reasons why I think that you should be taking social media A LOT more seriously . . .

The first one, and probably one a lot of people don't think about, is that social media is completely FREE for your business if you want it to be.  Take us, for example, we've never run ads for our agency, so all of our growth across social media and for our business has been organic, we've just made sure to prioritize our social media!

Nowhere else do I know of where you can build a huge community and turn it into a $600K business and do that for FREE . . . FOR FREE!  You just have to put in the time to create the content.  It is without a doubt the best way for you to market your business, especially at the beginning, because most business owners don't have money to throw down for advertising.  So take advantage, because you never know just how long social media will be free for . . .

The second reason why we love social media so much is that you can literally reach anyone, anywhere!  Some people may be too young to remember this but I remember my parents and grandparents having to cold call people, having to go to business weekend events, put ads in a book (I think it was called YellowPages lol), all in the hopes of getting someone to call about their business . . .

Fast-forward to now, and not only can you reach those same people through social media, but you can also reach the entire world!  I can't even imagine how successful my Grandpa's mattress store could have been having he had the ability to connect with vendors and customers around the world.  It could have literally 10x'd his business overnight, yet most of us complain that we have to post every day . . .

Realize what you have at your fingertips: you have the power to talk to billions of people about you, your brand, and your products and services.  Take advantage!

The third reason why we love social media so much is that it allows you to build relationships like we've never seen.  First, you can literally build relationships with anyone, anywhere.  Case and point: I've made friends from pretty much every country around the world through social media.  We've collaborated, they've hired our agency, and we've done social audio rooms with them.  And it's so much fun!

You get to learn about different people, different cultures, and how people around the world do business because it's a lot different sometimes than here!

Also, the strength of the relationships is so much greater because you really feel like you get a chance to know a person's life so much more through social media.  Before, you'd have to call a friend and "catch up" if you wanted to know what was happening in their life.  Now, you can just check their social media daily for their life updates!

Now, I could give you dozens more reasons WHY your business needs to not only BE on social media, but be taking social media WAY MORE seriously, because social media IS the future of business, and the longer you put it off or don't take it seriously, the worst spot you're putting your business in for the future . . .

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