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Why Your Marketing Isn't Landing You Clients & Customers

consistency content creation tips digital marketing agency marketing social media strategy May 24, 2022

That's the million-dollar question (no pun intended): how do I market my business effectively and stand out in a world that has the attention span of a goldfish?  Standing out online has never been as difficult as it is today, with the combination of saturation and short attention spans, it's left a lot of business owners frustrated and wondering: how exactly DO I stand out in what feels like a crowded online space?

Today, we want to talk to you about THREE key things you need to think about in order to market your products and your overall business effectively.  These concepts aren't new, but nonetheless are issues we see the vast majority of business owners struggle with . . .

The first, and probably most important of all these concepts is your hook.  I'll be as honest as I can: if you can't figure out a way for people to stop scrolling and start paying attention to your content, then you will always struggle in business.  As we mentioned before, people are bombarded every single day with content, ads, hooks, media, etc. so to get them to STOP scrolling and pay attention takes work.

Studies have shown that you have anywhere from 1-3 seconds to get people's attention, which isn't long at all.  That means that when you're creating your content, the hook is the thing that you should spend the most time crafting.  Sadly, too many business owners skip this step or even worse, use a generic statement that's been used a million times, then wonder why they're not getting the engagement they're looking for . . .

You have to figure out a way to be unique in a sea of generalness!

The second thing you need to make sure you're doing to market your business effectively is you need to sell the solution, not the features.  Too often, business owners talk about the fact that their product is this color or comes in this sleek design, which yes, a small portion of the population might care about, but more people are thinking:

How is this actually going to help me or alleviate my problems?

If you have a skincare product, talk about how their skin and overall mood will change when they use the product, not the ingredients or the fancy bottle it comes in.  If you're a coach, talk about the feeling that people are going to have after working with you, the problems they are having, and how your offer/service/etc. will take those problems, alleviate them, and help them step into a brighter future!

Do you see how much more powerful that is than talking about how many sessions they get?

The final thing your marketing needs to do is be consistent.  I know what you're thinking: here we go again with the consistency . . . and I promise you, the day I go on Instagram and see all business owners being consistent with their content and messaging, I'll stop talking about consistency.

The sad matter of the truth is that most business owners aren't consistent in creating their content.  So let's break it down: say you're looking to invest in a coach to help you take your business to that next level.  So you start researching business coaches, for example.  So you eventually land on the ones that look like the three best options.  Now let me ask you: which one of these would you end up choosing:

• The one that shows up 1-2 times a month?

• The one that shows up 1-2 times a week?

• Or the one that shows up every day?

I think we all know the answer is the one that shows up every day.  Because when they show up every day, you're seeing the value they provide through their content, you're getting to know more about them personally through reels and their stories, and they've established themselves as an expert over the other two coaches because they're on the forefront of your mind . . .

Being consistent is the difference between you having a business that's up and down and a business that steadily grows and trends in an upward direction.  We can speak from experience on this as well, because we've been consistent in our content for over 3 years now, and at first, nothing was happening, and that's the hardest part.

You're being consistent but you're not seeing an ROI on your time right away, and this is why most people stop being consistent.  However, after 6 months, we started to land a couple of clients, then a few more, until now 3 years later we have over 50 clients all on monthly retainers, and I know this wouldn't have been possible if we weren't consistent.

Just because you don't see results right away, don't stop being consistent!

Hopefully, this was able to help provide you with clarity when it comes to your marketing, and gives you hope that by being consistent and creating great content with great hooks, you too, can start to see massive growth in your business!

If you have any follow up questions or would like us to help you out with your marketing, you can always reach us on Instagram @michaelandjill