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Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn't Working

business resources digital marketing agency entrepreneurship ideal client ideal client avatar niche small business tips social media marketing unique selling proposition usp Feb 01, 2022

When you're starting a business, of course, you want to fill out all the paperwork and make sure your business is legit (that's not what this blog is about).  What I want to talk to you about is during the whole business planning process, before you've ever made a social media post or sold a product.

Because this is where most businesses are made or broken (Watch the video HERE!)

This is where you SHOULD begin the process of figuring out three foundationally important things that will determine the success and momentum you see in your business right out of the gate . . . and those things are:

  • Niche
  • Ideal Client
  • USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

When it comes to your business, you can have the best strategy, all the social media engagement in the world, but if you don't know these 3 things and create your content and business around them, your business won't be successful.

When it comes to your niche, you might be thinking, "Michael, I already had that figured out before I even started getting my business ready."  And yes, for most people that's true.  I'm not talking about NOT having a niche, I'm talking about picking the WRONG niche.  What do I mean by this???

We have helped and coached hundreds of business owners, and did you know that a decent amount of them chose their niche for a reason OTHER than it is their passion or something they love???  You might be thinking, "Why on earth would someone do that!?"  Well here are some of the reasons:

  • thought they would make more money
  • thought it was the trending business to own
  • took the advice of someone else

and these are just a few of the reasons.  You really put your business in a bad spot by choosing your niche based on something other than what you know.  First off, you'll struggle to get results because you don't know the industry.  Second, when things get hard you'll be much more likely to quit because you're not doing something that has meaning, that goes beyond just owning a business.

When choosing your niche, try to make it a combination of two things: something you love and something you've got at least some skill and knowledge in (we all have to learn and get better).  This ensures that during your business journey, you'll always be in it because it's what you love, and people will get the help they need because you know what you're talking about.

The second point I want to talk to you about is figuring out who your ideal client is.  I didn't know this until recently but did you know that most business owners never fill out an ideal client avatar at all?  Most business owners just walk around with some vague idea of who they're trying to market to.

No matter what your product or service that you have to offer, there is an IDEAL client out there for that product or service, and the more than you can define that person, figure out what they like, their hobbies, etc. the better content you can create to resonate with that person.

Can I tell you something terrible but also awesome at the same time?  When Jill and I started our digital marketing agency we filled out a 43-page ideal client avatar . . . 43 PAGES!!!  It was exhausting . . . I needed a nap afterwards 😂 but by the time we were done, I could tell you anything that you wanted to know about our ideal clients "Brian" and "Briana" (we named them)!

Things like their age, what social media platforms they spend the most time on, what sports they like, brands they love, and about 5000 other things.  What this did was laser focus our social media and marketing content to these two people.  What was the result?  A multiple 6-figure agency and ditching our 9-5's.  DON'T skip out on doing an ideal client avatar just because you think you already know who they are!

Because if you don't, you'll not only be spending money marketing to the wrong person and audience, but you'll also spend time creating content that won't resonate with your audience.

The last and most important thing, in my opinion, is figuring out your USP or your "unique selling proposition."  It's a fancy way of saying, "What makes you different than the other brand that sells the same product or service as you?"

Tough question to answer, isn't it?  Kinda reminds me of a job interview when they ask you if you're being honest, what you need to work on.  Ummmm, "Being more awesome?"  But the success of your business is literally determined by your answer to this question.

Because unless you've created something entirely brand new (which is rare), that means that there are others out there doing what it is you do as well.  So let's say that you sell candles (because we love candles): why should I buy a candle from YOU instead of from another person?  Or even a bigger brand like say, "Bath & Body?"

There's no "wrong" answer to this question, it's just simply about why you're different or what you offer that the other person doesn't.  Here are some examples:

  • Product Differences
  • Value Differences
  • Brand Differences

Personally, I would never try to make your USP around being the cheapest option or around the price, because there will always be someone willing to sell their product at a cheaper price.  To give you an example, I'll talk about our USP . . .

So we're a couple, which is rare in business and even rarer in the digital marketing agency space.  We only take on a certain number of clients at a time, (unlike most agencies), but that's so you can ensure you get the best results because we're with you every step of the way.  Already, you can see that we do things A LOT different than most digital marketing agencies . . . which is our unique selling proposition.

We treat the businesses we work with like they're family, and they come to us because of that and because they see that in our content with Jill and me always sharing our life and relationship.  So really take the time to figure out WHY you're different . . . it can be anything, just make sure that your audience knows why you're different than the other businesses out there!

I hope that this was helpful for you if you're a new business owner, or even if you've been a business owner for a while, it never hurts to go back and look at these three things, because like I said, these will determine the success of your business.

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