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Unlock the secret to explosive growth and skyrocket your revenue with our proven 7-figure marketing strategy - designed specifically for ambitious business owners like you!

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Master Your Marketing was created to help business owners develop a focused marketing plan for their business AND implement it for them (basically we do it all for you)! Not to mention we create a custom strategy specifically for you, implement it, and teach you how to use it!

imagine if...

  • You woke up to new leads and sales every single day
  • You never had to worry about your marketing again
  • You finally had a marketing plan that worked
  • You never had to wonder what to post on social media
  • You had an email list full of people wanting to buy your products/services
  • Your business practically ran itself

introducing the
master your marketing program

 A proven system that takes business owners from struggling to scaling in 6 months! This 6-month program offers an expert team to create and apply a custom marketing strategy for your business from social media to your email list, we do it all for you! PLUS we teach you how everything works so you can keep going after the program wraps!

what's included:

    • (12) 45-min calls with Michael and Jill
    • Master Marketing Strategy 
    • Business Marketing Calendar
    • Custom Social Media Content Calendar
    • Branded Social Media Templates and Banners For Every Platform
    • Up To (3) Lead Magnet Funnels
    • Introductory Email Sequences For Each Lead Magnet
    • Facebook Ad Demographics, Creatives, & Copy Built For Each Lead Magnet
    • 12 Email Campaigns
    • 12 Blog Topics
    Plus we create and apply all of this for you AND we teach you how to maintain it after the program is complete!

meet michael & jill

Marketing Authorities, Social Media Specialists, founders of The Market Vibe Digital Marketing Agency, and college sweethearts, we are Michael and Jill! We've taught hundreds of business owners how to build a commanding online presence both online and in person. We've had the pleasure of collaborating with companies such as Google, Forbes, Body by Brooke, BossBabe, and Knowledge Broker Blueprint when it comes to marketing and social media. 

We feel that business owners have been massively let down on how to actually build a business marketing strategy and it's time for a change. We've been there. We've bought multiple courses, programs, and guides, only to find out they didn't give us what we needed to succeed. That's why we've always believed in giving business owners the ACTUAL STRATEGIES that they can take and implement in their business. We actually WANT to see you succeed!

take a peek
inside the program

Custom Social Media Marketing Plan

We're going to be covering your entire marketing strategy AND we'll help you narrow in on a specific social media strategy geared to bring in new eyes, convert them into followers, and how to channel that traffic to your offers. 

Building Your Lead Magnets

Part of building your email list is having a captivating lead magnet your ideal client can't resist. Not only will we help you come up with the context of your lead magnet, we'll actually build it for you. We won't stop there, we'll build the entire funnel from the opt-in page, to the email sequence, to the one-time-offer, we'll build it all!

Building Your Email List

With the lead magnet funnels built, we'll also create for you an email campaign strategy to help you nurture your growing list to eventually sell to them. We'll also help you strategize 12 emails for you to continue serving your email list after the program wraps. 

Creating Facebook Ads to the Funnels

Once the lead magnets and email list is complete, it's time to start bringing in the traffic! We'll establish a plan for the social media (or organic traffic) and Facebook Ads (paid traffic). We'll create the ad creative, copy, demographic, and everything you need to turn on the ad after the program ends and start building your list!

client stories

It was amazing working with Jill and Michael! They really helped me create an online presence in my social and taught me how to gain more people back to my listings. They also helped me gain more confidence being on camera and how to maintain all my socials after the program ended. I'm so grateful to them!

Robin M.

Michael and Jill have been amazing in helping me lay the foundation for all of my social media. Before I didn't have any kind of system or process and they not only created a great marketing plan for me, they helped me apply everything so myself or my assistant could take it over. I now feel so confident in my marketing AND showing up on camera!

April N.

Michael and Jill are some of the most giving people in business I've ever worked with. They always go the extra mile and are always so patient when explaining complex concepts. They really took my marketing to a new elite level and I love what they've helped me do for my brand!

Christina M.

Jill and Michael and have been a huge help in the launching of buy new brand. I always felt like they really took care of me and took all my requests into account and created something amazing! They're so great at what they do and I love that they never hold anything back, even if it was "outside" the program, they're willing to give anyway!

Helen M.

Michael and Jill go above and beyond with what they do! They go not only went the extra mile to make sure my messaging was clear, but they also took the time to walk me through everything and show me everything when the program was complete. They are integrous and hard working and it all comes through in their work and love of people. 

Kevin M.

does this
sound like you?

  • You’re struggling to gain any traction on social media
  • You’re tired of trying to sell through social media and it not work
  • You struggle to find new leads for your products/services
  • You’re tired of wondering where your next sale will come from
  • You’re struggling to build an email list of people who want to buy

frequently asked questions

Will the program provide guidance on how to maintain the marketing strategy?

Yes! Not only will we set you up with a strategy and systems, but we'll also show you how to use and implement them so that when the program is complete, you can really run!

Is the program customizable for my specific business and industry?

Yes! Our system has been implemented for hundreds of different niches and industries.

What is the format of the program (e.g. online, in-person, live webinars, etc.)

Online and all of our calls will be conducted through Zoom. All worksheets, templates, etc. will be emailed directly to you.

Are there any guarantees or refunds if I am not satisfied with the program?

Yes, 100%! If you are not completely satisfied with the program or the service we offer within 30 days, we will give you a full refund no questions asked!

What type of social media platforms will the program cover?

All of them! (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, etc.)

imagine this...

It's time to start actually executing your marketing the right way. There is a lot of misleading information out there and promises of growth with no tangible strategy to apply. We want to see you succeed and WHEN you join our program, we will do all the leg work to lay the best marketing foundations for your business for you to master and scale. It's time you stop playing small and start playing big!


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