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3 Reasons to Download Wisdom: the NEW Social Audio App

clubhouse clubhouse app clubhouse social audio app dayo wisdom how to use clubhouse how to use wisdom what is wisdom wisdom wisdom app wisdom social app wisdom social audio app Nov 15, 2021

No doubt you've heard about the latest trend over the past year and that trend is social audio.  It started during COVID and gave people a great outlet to network, meet, and learn from each other.  Apps like Clubhouse, Greenroom, and Twitter Spaces have paved the way for a new way to communicate with people that we'd never had before.

But I want to talk to you about the newest social audio app to come out, Wisdom, and why we think this will be the best social audio app for you and your business!

The first reason that I see Wisdom being such a great place for you and your business is the fact that you get to teach people about what it is you're an expert in, and in return, they get to learn more about you and what it is you do.

Sometimes, apps like Clubhouse can seem to get way too crowded with big stages, people trying to talk over each other, but Wisdom is a one-on-one conversation.  This makes it very easy to be able to teach and help people in a setting that is optimized for it.

The second reason I believe Wisdom is a gamechanger for your business is the amount of information you can learn from others.  In places like Clubhouse, a lot of people claim to be "experts" but then stage squat and never speak.  Why?  Because they aren't REALLY experts.

However, on Wisdom, you can't stage squat, because there's only you on stage.  This means you have to really know your stuff and be an expert in what it is that you.  So if you're looking to actually LEARN SOMETHING through social audio, I believe Wisdom is the best for that!

The third reason, and one that we've found to be the MOST beneficial, is getting to really network and build relationships with other people.  Again, with apps like Clubhouse, you may share stages with people, but you don't really ever get a chance to talk to them and get to know them on an individual basis.

Wisdom takes care of that!  You now get a chance to have a conversation with one person at a time, which leads to better networking, better relationships, which is what life and business are all about, right?

In closing, I think that Wisdom long-term is going to be one of the most successful social audio apps, simply because it offers features that no other app does, and has that intimate feeling like no other app does.

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