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5 Things You Can Do To Increase Your Website Traffic Today!

blogging how to optimize your pinterest organic traffic seo website tips websites Mar 10, 2022

Are you looking to increase the traffic to your website?  If so, we've compiled a list of the top 5 things you can do to start increasing traffic to your website today!  Not 6 months from now, not a year from now, literally TODAY.  Let's dive in!

The first thing you can do (if you're not already doing it), is starting a Pinterest account and start posting on there.  Now, the point isn't to grow on Pinterest per se, although if you consistently post you WILL grow over time.  The point is that Pinterest lets you put links in your posts, which means you can link every single page on your website on Pinterest.

This is one of the main reasons that we are able to get over 10K hits to our website a month, it's because we have 100's of links to our website that we've built up over the past three years.  Every blog, every video, every freebie, every product, and any other page you can imagine has been linked back to Pinterest, which has tremendously helped our domain score and SEO.

The second thing you can do is make sure that you update any old photos/videos on your website.  I can't tell you how many websites we come across that either have really bad quality photos/videos, or ones that take FOREVER to load, neither of which is good for your SEO and your website.

You want your website to fully load within 5 seconds, tops.  I'd even say 3 seconds is a better timeframe to aim at.  Go through every website page you have and ask yourself: is this the best quality photo/video I can put on here?  If the answer is no, consider updating it, because it WILL help your website tremendously.

The third thing goes hand in hand a little bit with number two.  Because if you have bad quality images, then chances are your website is going to take a long time to load.  To me, this is the one that will hurt you the most, and not just with SEO and domain score, but with your potential customers.

Nothing will make people leave your website quicker than it taking longer than 5 seconds to load.  I know because when it happens to me, I bounce at about 4 seconds (yes, I did actually time myself lol).  This can also be the provider where you host your website.  If your load times are slow, I would reach out to them and ask them how to troubleshoot the issue.  We use Kajabi and they've been instrumental in helping us keep our website optimized ALWAYS!

The fourth thing you can do is use CTA's (calls-to-action) on your social media accounts to point people to your website.  Most people just say, "Click the link in my bio," but that's not the same as saying, "Make sure you check out my website for more details."

Now you're telling them EXACTLY what to do.  Most people (us included), use things like Linktree which means if you just tell someone to click the link in your bio, they could get overwhelmed with just how many options there are . . . and they'll ultimately end up doing nothing.

The fifth and final thing you can do to increase your website traffic TODAY is to start a blog, or if you have one, start being more consistent.  In the beginning, I wrote a blog every day, Monday-Friday, for the first six months of our website.  Now I only write two a week but writing those 300 blogs laid the foundation for what we're seeing today.

Viral growth is great, but SEO growth is even better because it's steady, long-term, sustainable growth.  Virality comes and goes, but that type of growth is what every business owner should strive for.  Because when you know you're getting thousands of website hits, it has a way of easing the nerves lol!

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