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Why Wisdom Is the Downfall of Clubhouse

clubhouse clubhouse app clubhouse social audio app dayo wisdom how to grow on social audio social audio social audio tips wisdom wisdom app wisdom social app wisdom social audio app Oct 26, 2021

I actually write this blog with a heavy heart, because of one simple fact: I'm NOT rooting for Clubhouse to fail . . . in fact, far from it.  From day 1 I have always hoped that it succeeded.  But as the days and months go by, it is becoming apparent to me (and many others that I talk to), that if Clubhouse continues to operate in its current form, it may not be able to stand the test of time.  Let's dig into this.

For starters, we got on Clubhouse in February of 2021, near the end of what I hear everyone call, "The glory months."  If you were on Clubhouse from October of 2020 till about March of 2021, then you got to witness something truly special.  It was the birthplace of social audio!

The people on the app were amazing!  You had celebrities, politicians, world leaders, amazing people that had honestly, some of the best conversations I've ever been able to witness.  The people are the relationships we made during that time are some of the most influential relationships we will probably ever make in our lives.

The exchanging of information was something that had to be witnessed, and everyone was truly there for the reason the app was intended: to network and share information, in the hopes that everyone grows.

Then in March, something started to change.  A lot of the core group of people started leaving the app, and not just a few.  A lot of them, almost overnight.  But why?  What changed so drastically that it caused that core group of people to leave?

Simply put: Clubhouse became more about selling a course and putting people through your funnel than it did about offering value and helping people.

More and more, Clubhouse is now a place for "experts" to sell their course about how they "fill in the blank" of something that they've never even done, simply googled the information they share, but because on Clubhouse you can sit on a stage and say you did something, people simply believe it.  Hence why everyone now runs a social media marketing agency and digital marketing agency.

Clubhouse has now become a place where people run clickbait rooms about elections and COVID (mind you, having no experience in these fields) simply to turn around and get you on their email list.  Starting to see why everyone is leaving?

Enter "Wisdom," the new social audio app that launched last week.  Once you get on the app, you quickly see that it is everything that Clubhouse isn't.  For instance:

  • Instead of a packed stage, it's just you and ONE other guest
  • People who run rooms are rewarded monetarily for running great rooms
  • There's no guarantee of guests coming on stage

And this last one is the one that's the most important.  As opposed to Clubhouse, where a person can hide on a big stage, there's no hiding on the Wisdom app.  You really have to know your stuff, because you could be doing a talk for a long time without a guest, meaning you really have to be a student of whatever it is that you do.

This brings me to my last point, and that is this: most people from Clubhouse won't come over to Wisdom.  Simple as that.  Because when push comes to shove, they don't have the knowledge and expertise to sit on a stage and teach people in a one-on-one setting.

What you're currently seeing is a second exodus out of Clubhouse, like in March.  What you're seeing is people leave because they are tired of the reasons I stated above, and many others that have gone unchecked for months, things such as racism, scams, etc.

When the culture and overall mood of a community get to a point where Clubhouse is right now, apps like Wisdom challenge Clubhouse to create change and become better . . . which I hope they do.  As I said, we love Clubhouse for what it was, our first introduction into social audio, where we made some of the best friendships we've ever made.

But as I write this, we've been to Clubhouse only once in the past two weeks.  It's not the same, and I really hope that in time, it gets back to being the app of 2020, where impact and change truly were made.

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