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Did You Know Your Business Is Losing Sales Every Single Day?

content creation instagram linkedin pinterest social media marketing tiktok youtube May 31, 2022

It's a pretty bold statement, but I know it to be true because when we started our business, the same thing was happening to us.  Without even realizing it, we were focusing on a small portion of our ideal audience and ignoring the rest (which was about 60-80%) . . . THAT'S A LOT OF BUSINESS!

So what was the problem?  We were only creating content for Instagram and completely ignoring all of the other social media platforms.  Now that I've said it, I'm sure that I'm going to get the response that we always get when we say this . . . something along the lines of not having a team, not having the time, etc. etc.

But all those are just excuses because if your goal in business is to make money, then finding the time to create content across multiple platforms shouldn't be an issue, should it?

But these are the exact excuses that cost business owners money and ultimately, their business altogether because they weren't willing to adapt and market to their entire audience, just a small sliver of them.

So today I want to help, by giving you a multi-platform social media strategy that's simple to do, doesn't take a lot of time, and will tap into these 5 major social media platforms:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

This strategy focuses on creating short-form videos and re-purposing them across multiple platforms, as well as creating graphics that cater to what each platform wants.

So let's start with short-form video . . . you first have to realize that each platform I listed above has a different kind of audience.  The people who are on TikTok are A LOT different than the people that are on Linkedin, and so on.

BUT, TikTok is the platform where you can get the most reach for your videos, so that's why we always start there.  Because if you're going to create content, then you might as well get the biggest bang for your buck.  Next, you'll want to figure out how many short-form videos you'd like to record and put up on each platform . . .

So say you wanted to post three videos every week on each platform, that'd mean you would need to create 15 videos a week, and before you say you don't have the time, I'll break it down and dispel that myth:

  • 15-30 seconds to find a trend (5 minutes total)
  • 1 minute to record each video (15 minutes total)
  • 3 minutes to edit/caption/hashtags (45 minutes total)

As you can see, to do all of this would only take you about an hour a week . . . and just for reference, we create a lot more videos than this and it only takes us 1-2 hours a week to do it.  If you can't find 1-2 hours a week to create content, but you'll work 8-10 hours for someone else, I can't help you.

You have to change your perspective about content and what its creation of it can do for you.

So with your 15 videos, you're going to post them all to TikTok, but you're going to create three videos for each of the platforms that you want to be on.  So 3 for TikTok, 3 for Instagram, and so on.  The main thing you need to understand and research is this:

What's the demographic on this platform, and what kinds of content will they resonate with the most?

So TikTok being a Gen-Z platform, likes controversial, hilarious, and engaging content.

Instagram is more millennial and acts as an online portfolio for your business.

Pinterest is predominately women that are searching for answers to specific problems.

When you start to understand the people that are on each platform, it makes it a lot easier to create content specifically FOR that audience.  So what we'd do is record all the videos, then use something like to scrub all of the TikTok data, that way it won't have the watermark.  Then we'll start re-purposing the content across each of those platforms . . .

The result is engagement, growth, leads, and sales across 5 different platforms!

The same can be done with graphic content as well . . . except this time, you'd be creating the content to host on Instagram, then re-purpose it to places like Pinterest and LinkedIn.  So creating things like photo dumps, infographics, and carousels can all be re-purposed . . . again though, remember one thing:

Each social media platform has different audiences that are looking for different content.

That being said, here are some tips that will help you create this holistic marketing approach:

  • Research trending video topics ahead of time, and save them in your TikTok folder
  • Jot down in an excel sheet each platform, their demographics, types of content, etc. so that you have it all in an easy to refer to place
  • Block time out in your calendar to do this . . . if you don't schedule it, it won't get done

Doing this for the past 3 years is the reason why our business keeps growing, and why we always have a waiting list of potential clients for our marketing agency . . . because we're not just tapping into Instagram as most business owners do, we're tapping into every platform.

If you have any questions about how to implement this process, or you're thinking, "Can you guys just do all this for me?" then reach out to us on Instagram @michaelandjill and we'd be happy to see how we can help you create a holistic social media marketing approach for your business!