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Facebook Metaverse Update: What You Need to Know

digital marketing digital marketing agency facebook facebook help facebook metaverse facebook metaverse update facebook tips facebook update social media marketing what is facebooks metaverse Nov 03, 2021

Unless you've found the one place to hide where you DON'T have to hear about social media, I'm sure you've heard that Facebook YET AGAIN found itself in hot water over things like putting profits ahead of people's personal information, along with an array of other things that have come to be synonymous with Facebook.  That's why it caught everyone by surprise when they chose this past week to tell the world about their newest project, "Metaverse."

Watch the YouTube Video HERE!

First, let me break down in its simplest form, what it sounds like the metaverse will be.

First, let me ask you if you've seen the movie, "Ready, Player One?"  If you haven't, I would suggest watching that movie, then come back to this blog.  If you have seen it before, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Basically, they're saying that all you'll do is sleep, eat, and work in the "Meatverse", which is what they are calling the real world.  This blog isn't about that but I do find it kind of weird that their goal right off the bat is to make real-life sound like shit, so you'll just want to spend all your time in there . . . good try.

I personally kind of get a laugh out of Facebook saying that they are going to be the ones to bring us into the future, and innovate and create to stand out.  Let's break down all the "innovation" Facebook has done:

• Instagram stories (stolen from Snapchat)

• Instagram reels (stolen from TikTok)

• Facebook's social audio system (poached from Clubhouse)

• And now the "Metaverse" (literal copy of the movie, "Ready, Player One")

Even if you could get past the fact that, well, Facebook, in all honesty, doesn't innovate shit, and hasn't for a very long time.  That's why people under the age of 40 don't use Facebook anymore.  Ask an 18-year-old if they have a Facebook profile, I dare you.

Also, let's just pretend for a second that Facebook actually could pull this off . . . does anyone ACTUALLY want Facebook to be the one to do it.  They already treat people's privacy so casually when it comes to them making money, imagine what they'll do if they have a whole virtual reality world to mess with your mind?

In conclusion, I believe that the idea of a metaverse will exist someday inside virtual reality, I just don't believe Facebook is the right company to do that, and not just the reasons that have been outlined in this blog, but also for the various others that weren't discussed, or have never even been brought to light . . .

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