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Why Content Creation Is The Best Skill You Can Learn For Your Business

content creation content marketing content tips digital marketing agency how to create great content social media marketing Apr 26, 2022

In a world where you as a business owner can learn anything, there is one skill that I would say will give you the biggest ROI out of any other skill you can learn . . . what is that skill?

To put it simply: content creation.  Because if you can learn how to create great content online, it'll solve a lot of the problems, and I'm sure at least one of those problems is something that your business is currently facing.   Today, I want to talk to you about the top 5 reasons why I believe every business owner should be focusing on content creation as a skill in 2022.

The first reason is that by in large, social media platforms are completely FREE to use and create content on.  You don't have to pay a membership or have any special privileges to post your content.  You could log into Instagram right now as a brand new business, start a new page, and within a week have followers and probably even a sale for your business . . . how crazy is that!?

This allows anyone to start a business online, regardless of how much money you have to invest, because at least you know that you can get in front of billions of people a day for free on the various social media platforms, you just have to create content that you know will help them, resonate with them, etc.  

The second reason you want to focus on the skill of content creation is that it will bring more people in to your social media communities.  Let's face it: we've all seen "bad" content online, and guess what, it DOESN'T make us want to follow that person.

What does make us want to follow people is if their photography is beautiful (travel photographer) or their content really helps them grow their own business (Instagram Specialist).  People want to follow other people online because they enrich their life in some way.  More and more people are being picky about who they follow online, so you need to make sure you're giving them a good reason to follow you!

The third reason to focus on content creation is that it will bring you way more leads on a consistent basis.  When people see that you can help them, why would they go anywhere else?  If I'm trying to grow my Instagram, and you give me advice that helps me grow my Instagram, I'm just going to keep coming back to you for information.  It just makes sense. 

You just have to figure out what help they really need.  If it's a planner, for example, showing every section and showing people exactly what they'd be getting.  Along with this, you can show them how to best use that planner, and the statistics show increased productivity for business owners that use one.

The fourth reason ties into leads, and that is by creating better content, you'll sell more products and services.  If people like you (personal brand) and they can see that you know what you're talking about AND, you've helped them directly (whether you know it or not), then if you have a product that will serve them further, you're the one they'll be buying from.

People buy from people they like and trust.  Content is what does both of those things when done correctly.  Your content should be a blend of you and a blend of your expertise.  That blend is different for everyone BUT trust us, people do want to see you, the person running the business.

The last thing great content does is it helps you stand out in a crowd.  We can't tell you how many people's lives have been changed on TikTok by being creators there.  People who were just doing their thing are now uber-successful simply because they made great content that people enjoy.

Content doesn't always have to be educational, because entertaining someone and making them laugh is equally as important, which is why I believe so many people spend so much time on TikTok.  Your goal is to figure out the blend of content that resonates the most with your audience and people as a whole.

And if you need help coming up with your customized content strategy, you can always reach out to us on Instagram @michaelandjill